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A Pigeon Just Got Sold For Nearly Rs 10 Crore. See Why

| Published on March 22, 2019

How rich are you? What if you wake up in the morning and you get a message that you have been credited with an amount of ₹10 crores in your account, what is the first thing you will be investing that money into? Car? House? Business? What if you were asked to invest on a pigeon?

Don’t call yourself rich enough until you can buy a pigeon for crores. I know it sounds so crazy but yeah, if you cannot afford a pigeon then you aren’t rich enough. Money in crores can buy anything you desire. But for some people buying a pigeon from that money gives them the kind of happiness nothing can in this whole world.
Believe or not, two Chinese men just engaged in a bidding face-off over Belgium’s fastest long-distance racing pigeon – Armando.

What is so special about ‘this’ pigeon?

Armando is five years old bird now and is nearing his retirement. Still, it is so highly valued because of its remarkable sense of direction and exceptional wing strength that it broke all records.

What really happened?

On March 17, Armando’s bid in the auction conducted by a pigeon-racing website in Belgium touched $6,00,000 and soon it reached up to $1.4 million within an hour. According to PIPA.be, the previous record bid for a pigeon stands at $427,000.

There were 178 pigeons, including seven of his babies, that were sold at the auction for a huge amount of $2.7 million (₹17 crore approximately), making it the third-highest amount ever.

But, Why will someone spend crores for a bird?

Some collectors are known to be patrons of such inexplicable items and these are the patterns of extravagance. However, one of the organizers of the auction believes these type of champions are rarely ever up for sale, explaining how it may have fetched the massive amount.

Joel Verschoot, who sold the pigeons, informed that he used to spend 12 hours a day working with the pigeons since the time he took up the hobby. “This is a crowning glory of all those years in the pigeon sport. The icing on the cake,” he added.

Crazy right? For most of us, this is crazy and for the very few people, it’s the most ‘happiest’ thing in the world. Never had known that a bird can be sold at crores (like, literally!) because being rich is all about cars and villas, right?
But well, Joel just proved that the sheer dedication towards your hobby’ will give you anything that you have ever desired.

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