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A Nani From Delhi Became An Entrepreneur At 75 With Help Of Her Grand Daughter

| Published on October 15, 2020

All of us had dreamed of becoming or doing something once we grew up. While many of us get diverted from the dream and live an entirely different life, there are some who turn their passion into their jobs and are living the dream.

But then there are some who defy every challenge that comes their way and sooner or later achieve something for themselves. Today, we bring you a success story of a 72-year-old grandma who fulfilled her dreams overcoming all the challenges that came her way.

We don’t believe that men do not have to sacrifice anything for their families. However, there was a time and an era when the burden of sacrifice was put on the women’s shoulders. Their education or career was never a priority back then and they spent their entire lives selflessly taking care of their family giving little or no thought to their own needs.

The Granddaughter Grandmother Duo

That is how Asha Puri lived most of her life. Asha got married at 19 and was living a happy life. Spent over 50 years taking care of her family but she still felt incomplete. Asha always wanted to be independent and start a business of her own. However, her family did not believe she could do it.


It was her granddaughter, Kritika Sondhi, who motivated and made it possible for her Nani to finally achieve her dream. Since Kritika was young, she would visit her Nani at her house and would see her knitting all the time.

In 2017, Kritika was herself going through a difficult phase and wanted to do something to cheer her up. That is when she was visiting her grandmother who lives in West Delhi. She thought about giving the knitting a chance and tried a hand at it herself. She soon realizes that it was no child’s play and required a lot of patience and hard work while her grandmother has been doing it for years without any complaint or appreciation.

She decided to help her grandmother receive her due appreciation. Kritika told her Nani that they could sell her beautifully hand-knitted items of clothing online. That is how Asha went from being a simple home-maker to becoming an entrepreneur at the age of 72.

‘With Love, From Nani

The duo started a clothing brand with an interesting choice of the name ‘With Love, From Granny‘. As soon as Kritika started posting pictures of her Nani’s creations, people started reverting with requests. Asha’s first black scarf was sold for Rs 600 and she was the happiest person on earth. She couldn’t stop flaunting her first pay and that was just the beginning.

Within a month, WLFG sold over 50 products. But things took a turn when Kritika got occupied with a full-time job in the US. She had to detach herself from the business and everything went to a halt.

3 years later, with the onset of the pandemic, Kritika found herself back in India without a job and all the time in her hands to help her grandma with her business once again.

Knitting with nani and a newfound profession - Hindi Khabre

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WLFG has expanded since the duo re-started their adventure. From a team of two, WLFG is now a team of 10 other people of various age groups, from youngsters to other grandmothers.

WLFG is selling about 100 products a month and Asha Puri has succeeded in fulfilling her dream and is now helping other grandmas like her to fulfill theirs.

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