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A McDonalds Chicken Nugget Gets Sold For ₹73 Lakhs. Find Out Why

| Published on June 10, 2021

The recently launched Mcdonald’s BTS Meal, which includes a 10-piece McNuggets, medium fries, a medium Coke, and sweet chilli and Cajun sauces inspired by menu items in McDonald’s South Korea created quite a stir in Utah, United States.

And why is that?

An individual who ordered the BTS Meal got a chicken nugget which was in the shape of a character from the popular game ‘Among Us’. This chicken nugget got sold on eBay, the online shop known for engaging in auctions and consumer to consumer sales. The bidding went on for two whole days and was sold by a user named ‘polizna’ from Draper, Utah. The two USP’s, if you may, of the chicken nugget were one, that it was a part of the limited-time offering of the BTS Meal by Mcdonalds and that it was shaped as the Among Us character. After two days of bidding, the chicken nugget was sold for USD 99,997 or ₹73 lakhs on the website.

The news soon caught on and got viral in no time. The Among Us Twitter handle also joined in on the discussion of the infamous Mcdonalds chicken nugget and demanded one too!

Other brands also joined in on the fun and took the discussion forward, explaining their disbelief in comical ways.

As per the description, the winner of the auction is entitled to receive the chicken nugget, frozen and air sealed to ensure freshness. The chicken nugget went quite viral on Twitter and has got everyone tweeting about it.




Among Us has been very responsive to all tweets and been replying wittily to all comments being made.

That’s a lot of fanfare for a chicken nugget that essentially isn’t even in a condition to be eaten.

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