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A Man In Bengaluru Paid Food Bill Worth Rs 2.7 Lakh

| Published on January 12, 2020

When it comes to dining out, Bengaluru is considered to be one of those cities that have the best restaurants and bars that serve yummy and mouth-watering dishes sided by amazing choices of drinks.

Most people in Bengaluru are party-lovers and when they are in one, they do not care much about spending money at expensive places with their friends and colleagues.
highest bill

A Man In Bengaluru Paid The Highest Food Bill Worth 2.8 Lakh In 2019!

There is no doubt Bengaluru’s pubs are costly as the city is full of rich working people and tech parks! Recently, a case has been observed in regard to Dineout’s annual report that mentions that a man paid a single food bill worth Rs.2,76,988 at a bar. Wondering what he must have ordered yet?

Some more reports showed that Udaipur is the city that has that most “Table for 2” reservations whereas Indore for “Table for 4”. 60% of Indians dine out on weekends and most out of the other 40% on Thursdays.
highest bill
Not just the dine out, North Indian food is the highest ordered food across India. After all, the taste and flavors of the North India are unavoidable! Well, of course!

Indians love food and we would be the only ones across the world who would never avoid veggies or traditional dishes because of the fact they are cooked with the blend of irresistible spices and love!

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