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A Low Cost Idea To Make Huge Money In India

| Published on March 23, 2020

Recently, there were a lot of talks going about a juice shop in Bangalore which produces no waste. Well, no waste was its USP, but how are you planning to make your juice bar business successful? This is the most important question that you have to ask yourself. Rest, we will discuss how to start a juice bar.

Market Research

First thing that comes while establishing any business is studying competition in your area. So first of all, study your demographics and find out what is going in the market. Is there any demand for a juice bar in your city? For example, in a city like Pune or Bangalore, opening a juice bar which serves fresh juice along with protein shakes having a good setting arrangement is a great idea. But if you try to open the same juice bar in a small town where people could easily get the same fresh juice at Rs 20 per glass, it will not be a good idea however exceptions are always there. So first perform proper market research, study the demand, and understand pricing and competition.



Second step is planning. You have discovered that there is a demand for a good juice bar. Now, how to proceed ahead? This is where planning comes. It includes almost everything from arranging funds to granting permits, finding fresh fruit vendors, marketing strategy, creating menu and hiring staff. In simple words, you have to establish the business plan of what you are going to do exactly in the next few months.

Planning for a juice bar business includes choosing a right location for your juice bar, creating menu, renting/purchasing a shop, getting permits from local authorities, arranging funds, buying juicer, container, jar, glasses, furniture, and other essential items for your juice bar, contacting vendors for fresh fruits supplies and hiring staff for cleaning and servicing.

Always remember the quote by Benjamin Franklin, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!

Marketing and Launch

If you have done so much, now it is time to launch your juice bar. But wait! Who will create the buzz? This is what marketing is for. If you have a budget, hire a marketing agency. If you don’t have money, then the best way is to market yourself, which can be done easily by digital marketing and basic traditional marketing. After making sure, you have created the necessary buzz, launch your juice bar. If everything is planned sophistically, soon you will be earning lakhs per month.

So this is how you can start your juice bar. If you want to know more about how to make your juice bar business successful, let us know in the comment section below to get expert advice.

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