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Twitter Trolls A Brand For Selling ‘Extreme Cut Out Jeans’ At Rs 11000

| Published on May 4, 2018

Fashion trends are changing very fast. In the process of making something different and out of the box, designers sometimes end up in creating clothes that are weird and bizarre.

A Los Angeles based brand ‘Carmar’ has designed a new form of ripped jeans and has succeeded to get the attention of customers but for the wrong reason. ‘Extreme cut out jeans’ is what we are talking about. If we believe Carmer’s official website, it defines this as “a high rise pant with large statement cutouts on front and back”. Simply explaining, they feature large cutouts on the front and back of the pants, as well as a large zipper in the front. The price of these pair of jeans is $168(Rs 11000). You can take a look at a pair of extreme cut out jeans below:


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Note that Carmer has already successfully sold out the limited stock of these jeans, and they’re keeping the new orders in the waiting list.

Feeling shocked? A lot of Twitter users also felt the same.

When you want to go to the beach but denim is life

These jeans make you look homeless

I give up with this world!

You really don’t have to unzip it to pee

This is not the first incident when a denim brand has failed in trying to look different. Recently, the famous brand name Fashion Nova released a pair of jeans which was completely made out of string.

Also, Pretty Little Thing launched a pair of denim shorts a few months ago that had almost no fabric and they were just a thong.

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