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A Couple In Madurai Puts Payment QR Codes On Their Wedding Invite Due To Social Distancing

| Published on January 20, 2021

Ever since the pandemic hit the world in 2019, things have not been the same as before. From social distancing to working from home or living in a lockdown, people have been adjusting to the new normal gradually. Since the lockdown has been lifted, people have found a way to socialize while social distancing, and it’s as weird as it sounds.

As reported by The Hindu, a couple in Madurai decided to collect their cash gift, or ‘Moi’ as they call it locally, in a very unique way. They used payment apps like Google Pay and PhonePe to enable guests to make gift contributions.

Apparently, the wedding invites sent to the guests had QR codes of both the apps printed on them. Guests who wished to gift the couple could scan the code via any payment app to gift them money.

The bride, who works as a program analyst in Bengaluru, was the one who came up with this idea. TJ Sivaksankari, the bride, wanted to ensure social distancing during her wedding ceremony. Sivaksankari’s maternal uncle BR Sasikumar, 48, a computer service engineer said, “It was the bride’s idea, and since it was attractive, we introduced it.”

“We implemented the idea by printing the QR codes of the two payment apps on a replica of the marriage invitation,” he added.

‘Moi’ collection is one of the most auspicious ceremonies in Tamil Nadu and is held on occasions where cash gifts are given.

What this couple did in Madurai has surely made it easier and safe for the relatives and guests to give their ‘Moi” to the happy couple without having to get in touch with too many people. In fact, this QR code was most helpful for those guests who could not make it to the ceremony personally.

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