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A Company Will Give You ₹92 Lakhs To Give Them Consent To Put Your Face On Robots.

| Published on October 25, 2019

Artificial Intelligence has become so much advanced recently. With all the technological developments, who would have thought that a fully functioning robot will be an actual thing.

But what is all the more interesting is that you can now give your face to an entire production of robots. Above all, get paid a whooping ₹92 Lakhs for it.

A British robot company called Geomiq is looking for such people who are willing to give away their face data.

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Geomiq is known to make therapy robots like Paro that help army veterans and senior citizens in order to make them feel less lonely.

Currently, Geomiq is working with an undisclosed company with which they have signed an NDA. The team is working on giving a face to these humanoids.

As per the India Times, people who get selected will be given more information on the project, albeit being bound by the same NDA.

As per the company’s official blog, Geomiq has said,

“The company is searching for a ‘kind and friendly’ face to be the literal face of the robot once it goes into production. This will entail the selected person’s face being reproduced on potentially thousands of versions of the robots worldwide.”

The robot will be made to act as a virtual friend for elderly people. The robot has been in development for almost five years and it’s expected to hit the production line next year.

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Giving consent to companies to use your face is quite risky though. If the data gets leaked it can be used for plenty of things that can damage your privacy or even put you under some unknown threat.

So, what do you think? Would you be able to put yourself in such a vulnerable situation for ₹92 Lakhs? Do share your thought with us.

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