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A Company Is Selling Bottles Of Pure Fresh Air For Rs 2500

| Published on December 25, 2020

The world is changing drastically in the past few years. Temperatures are changing, human psychology is evolving and the earth is getting more polluted than ever due to the high population and industrialization. But as they say, every situation has both positives and negatives, the changes in the environment are making companies think about human needs more than ever before.

A company named My Baggage is making news all across the internet for selling bottles of ‘fresh air’ from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales by marketing them as the perfect gift for homesick people during the festive period.


General details of Air Bottles

These bottles have been priced at £25 which is around Rs. 2,500 approx. They contain 500 ml of air and the consumers can smell the air & close it quickly so that the air is preserved for a long time.

The UK people are facing difficulties to return to their country as many nations have put restrictions on Britain because of the new strain of COVID-19. At such times, it is a good option to order air and feel at home by smelling the air of their home area.

Previously, the company sold pure fresh New Zealand air for Rs.1800. What do you think about these ideas for selling air?

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