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A Car That Can Change Color: New Launch By BMW

| Published on January 9, 2022

The 21st century has witnessed the advent of many new advancements technologically whether it be the invention of a three-sided flip phone or the cool Phree Electronic Sensor Pen. In an era where people are striving for inventing time machines and flying cars, BMW has surpassed all our expectations with it’s new invention of Electronic Paper- Wrapped Car which can change color in an instant.
The best part about this new invention is- It anchors the same low-power screen technology that e-book readers use. The customized BMW iX Flow has an outer wrap made of E Ink’s electronic paper display technology, which uses tiny microcapsules of colored ink that rise or sink to change the look of the vehicle. This not only changes the color of the vehicle but also adds complicated patterns and designs according to the owners preferences. BMW iX Flow was showcased as a concept at CES 2022.

For now, the upgraded BMW iX Flow relies only on Black and White electronic paper to adjust the vehicle’s external finish from darker to brighter.

Source: Gizmodo

By using this technology the vehicles’s owner can change or flip the car’s color to white in order to reflect the sunlight thereby initiating cooling during the summers. This also reduces the pressure on the vehicle’s air-conditioning system. The owners can also turn it back to Black during the winter season to help the interior absorb heat and remain relatively warmer.

As we are gradually moving towards using more and more of electric cars, this technology can be of great use in such scenario. The future awaits for many such great inventions.

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