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A Cannabis Company Is Actually Looking For Candidates For Weed Cultivation

| Published on October 15, 2019

Are you looking for a job that excites you and is something for which you may never feel the Monday Blues? Well, there is a piece of great news for you.

A New Zealand-based company named Rua Bioscience is currently offering a position for cultivation – project manager, preferably with cannabis experience.

Talk about getting a dream job.

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Job Profile

The Job profile as advertised by the company says that the cultivation project manager ‘will play a key role in setting up and managing stage two of the company’s cultivation and growing activities’.

The ad also states that the aspirants should have ‘ the knowledge of growing methods including micronutrients, beneficial bacteria, and nutrient implementation.’

In terms of the educational qualification, it is preferable that the candidate has a Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture, Agronomy, or in any other science-related subject. Also, 3+ years of large-scale commercial cultivation experience, preferably with cannabis is also a criterion for selection.

The Cultivation Project Manager will be directly reporting to the Chief Operations Officer.

Rua Bioscience

The website says that Rua is a leader in New Zealand where our company has played a key role in the development of world-leading Medicinal Cannabis legislation and regulations. This position offers a unique opportunity to be part of that growth.

As per Rua Bioscience‘s official website, the company is New Zealand’s first company to receive a license to cultivate medicinal cannabis.

However interesting & attractive the job may seem there is one flaw to it for most of us. The job offer is only open for people who reside in New Zealand.

So what are you waiting for? Interested candidates kindly pack your bags and get ready to move to New Zealand, or let’s just sit and wait to get something this quirky come our way in India itself. What do you think?

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