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9 Tricks Zara Plays Well To Keep You Hooked To Its Clothes!

| Published on May 6, 2019

Girls who love Zara, raise your hand! Well, I know the most of you must be standing with both hands up, but ever calculated the amount you spend on them? – I am sure, it must be a lot!

Zara is the world’s largest apparel retailer and was founded in 1975 by Amancio Ortega. Amancio had started with a store that sold cheap replicas of expensive designer clothes. And today the annual revenue of the company is measured in billions of dollars.

Ever thought why do people get hooked to Zara once visited, although their products are a lot higher than the rest of the brands? Well, here’ your answer – the legendary marketing strategies of the brand that makes you helpless. Let us together unravel the curtains:

1. If you enter a Zara outlet, you will find the most expensive clothes are showcased at the front because the designers expect the customers to fall in love with these clothes right away. Zara bets on the fact that a customer’s decision is impulsive: see-want-buy.

2. Have you ever noticed that clothes, shoes, and handbags are placed adjacent to each other? Unlike other brand outlets, Zara doesn’t have different shelves for different products. You don’t have to think about your shoes and dress combination because its already been decided by the store designers.

3. Ever thought why Zara never promotes itself via advertisement? Rather Zara invests its money into catalogs and window signage. Not to save money but to emanate to the world that they have something exclusive inside their stores and don’t even need any promotion.

4. Zara is very particular about their store locations. There is always some elite branded store next to a Zara store. By this strategy, Zara conveys that it has clothes which are stylish and since the average price of its apparels is much lower, it gives you a chance to feel as stylish as the people who spend a fortune on their clothes.

5. Zara believes in fast fashion with a short shelf-life. While other brands are busy deciding the trends of the upcoming seasons, Zara has already released several new collections. According to them, there is nothing special about shopping: you buy clothes and then you just get rid of them.

6. Zara clothes travel the world more often than some people. Clothes which don’t get sold in one store travel to the others. But if a particular design was not very successful, it is redesigned. For instance, some clothes from Europe might even end up in Russian stores.

7. Zara very cunningly presents the “scarcity effect” on its products. Through this effect, your brain gets the impulse to “Get this thing NOW!”. It means that you “think” a jacket that you saw in a store might just disappear in the next 10 days and never appear again.

8. Before the start of the sale season, the stores are full of clothes from the old collection, and the fresh designs will be hard to find and will have special tags on them because they try to sell as many clothes as possible at their regular price. But then a few days later, they will be sold at a much lower price.

9. There are hidden Zara test stores in which a team of 30 architects works on every minute detail: from the bulb color to the height of mannequins; all of this is done to help you feel more relaxed and Zara friendly!

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