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9 Iconic Brand Collaborations Of All Times

| Published on July 24, 2022

Brand collaborations, when done rightly, are highly beneficial for partnering brands. They prove to be advantageous, bringing in an increased user base, recognition, and profitability. There have been many iconic brand collaborations in the world, with some partnerships coming from the most unlikely brand combinations.

Let’s look at eight such creative and iconic brand collaborations.

1. LEGO and Stranger Things

9 Iconic Brand Collaborations Of All Times

LEGO partnered with Netflix to create their popular show ‘Stranger Things’ theme-based playsets.

These playsets offered fans to create the normal and upside-down versions of the universe shown on the show. The edition was so popular, that the viewing percentage rocketed, with 31% of people aged 18-29 watching each episode of the show.

This raised the age bracket of the target audience for LEGO, as initially it was perceived to be essentially a block game for kids.

2. Apple and Hermes

9 Iconic Brand Collaborations Of All Times

The French luxury brand Hermes has been partnering with tech giant Apple for a watch since 2015. The Apple Watch is perceived to be a tech watch with minimalistic design oozing confidence and poise. Hermes on the other hand exhibits affluence and style.

With this collaboration, Apple wanted its customers to view the watch as not just a technically brilliant watch, but also as a stylish accessory.

3.Hugo Boss and Samsung

9 Iconic Brand Collaborations Of All Times

Samsung is known to partner with various fashion brands and in 2008, it partnered with German fashion brand Hugo Boss to create a special-themed smartphone, Samsung F480.

Then in 2011, the two brands collaborated once again to re-create a designer edition of Galaxy Ace, replete with Hugo Boss wallpapers and branding.

4. Google and Yves Saint Laurent

9 Iconic Brand Collaborations Of All Times

The search giant teamed up with haute couture fashion house YSL to create a smart backpack with multiple touch sensors. These sensors allow the wearer to access a connected phone, without touching it.

5. Cheetos and Forever 21

9 Iconic Brand Collaborations Of All Times

Food and fashion brands collaborated together to create a line of apparel, accessories, and swimwear. The target audience being the same, both the brands benefitted immensely, as young adults and teens thronged to purchase these affordably-priced items.

6. Nike and Sharpie

9 Iconic Brand Collaborations Of All Times

A campaign ‘More than an Athlete’ was started by NBA player Lebron James, which got Nike and Sharpie together for a collaboration. The Nike Airforce1 Shoes came with a Sharpie which encouraged buyers to write on the shoes, telling their story.

7. Uber and Spotify

9 Iconic Brand Collaborations Of All Times

Two big names in their respective industries, Uber and Spotify’s collaboration allowed passengers to play their own Spotify playlists while on an Uber.

This collaboration benefitted both brands immensely. Uber users had better experiences and in turn, gave better ratings to drivers. Spotify also profited as users were encouraged to buy a paid subscription.

8. Doritos and Taco Bell

9 Iconic Brand Collaborations Of All Times

2012 saw Doritos Locos Taco, a Taco Bell taco served inside of a crunchy Doritos shell. It was a massive hit, with a billion units sold in the first year itself, for which Taco Bell had to hire 15,000 more employees to keep up with the demand.

9. Levi’s and Pinterest

9 Iconic Brand Collaborations Of All Times

In 2018, Levi’s partnered with Pinterest on a personal styling tool, to initiate a customized inspiration board according to the user’s taste. It was called ‘Styled by Levi’s’.



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