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9 Extinct Jobs Will Be In The Future Soon

| Published on January 28, 2023

“Here are 9 positions that don’t yet exist but will in the near future”

9 Extinct Jobs Will Be In The Future Soon

By 2025, it is predicted that automation and artificial intelligence (AI) would replace over 85 million jobs, according to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report 2020.

The analysis does, however, also indicate that 97 million young employment will be produced in the same period. Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and sophisticated robots have made rapid advancements in recent years, opening up new professional opportunities.

Over time, technological advancement raises living standards and promotes economic development and productivity. Nevertheless, “creative destruction” is a part of the process.

Many jobs that were typical in the past are no longer listed on resumes. Some were phased out as a result of better labor rules, while others vanished as a result of developing technology. Reviewing these previous positions might offer some comedy and insight into your current position. In this post, the marketing mind examines extinct occupations.

And they are as follows:

Human-technology integration specialist

The job: Join forces with educators to develop cutting-edge digital learning environments that are future-focused.
The skills: Analytics, high-level tech smarts, communication, and Research.

Personal data broker

The job: Collect customer personal information and offer it to other brokers, businesses, or people.
The skills: Sales, ID analytics, and Data science.

3D-printed chef

The job: A chef who uses a 3D printer to create dishes using code.
The skills: Computer programming, but also has a rudimentary understanding of math because of recipes

Coding ethicist

The job: Ensuring that businesses create techniques and their algorithms following international computing norms of ethics.
The skills: Coding and being a nice person are the talents.

Human-machine team manager

The job: Create and maintain a mechanism for workplace communication between AI and human employees to provide better business results.
The skills: knowledge of robots and human resources (HR).

Baby name consultant

The job: Depending on several variables, such as the parents’ lifestyle, ethnicity, or where they currently reside, these consultants recommend alternative names.
The skills: knowledge of Shastra vidya’s history, philosophy, and technique.

Self-driving car mechanic

The job: Future mechanics will need to be able to operate both in a tech-savvy environment and with more traditional mechanical skills.
The skills: Advanced computer and software development and data management

Personal medical interpreter

The job: According to Lebret, doctors will be able to provide patients with more individualized medications and therapies as a result of advancements in genetic medicine. Genetic coaching might develop from genetic counseling.
The skills: Physical science, geography, and mechanical aptitude. An enthusiasm for astrophysics is a plus.

Healthcare navigator

The job: Facilitate communication of complicated medical information while streamlining paperwork and processes to assist relatives of patients receiving comprehensive medical care.
The skills: social work and the science of health. Basic arithmetic skills, including addition, fractions, ratios, and algebraic equations, are crucial for a medical position.

Develop the soft skills that will help you obtain one of these future STEM jobs.

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