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9 Business Ideas Under Investment Of Rs 10 Lakhs That Can Generate Huge Profits

| Published on May 14, 2019

We live in a world full of start-ups and entrepreneurs. Do you also want to be an entrepreneur? If yes, then what is that one thing which makes an entrepreneur successful?

Is having a unique and different idea that one thing? For most of you, that’s the most important. But in reality, it isn’t. Surprised? Actually, it’s all about “making them happen the way no one has” is what plays the game-changing role.

Every year, millions of people start their entrepreneurial story with a modest amount of ₹10 lakhs or even lesser. But only a handful become the success stories that we read these days

To keep you ahead of others, here’s the list of few profitable business ideas under ₹10 lakhs in India:

1. Gadget Stores


In today’s era, electronics are always in the increasing demand and a store with a good range of devices on retail and a well-informed sales staff can easily attract a lot of customers. The store can be converted to an e-commerce portal for enhanced convenience for consumers and ofcourse better profits.

  • Investment: 8Lakhs
  • ROI Period: 6-8 months

2. Cleaning Business

Cleaning is a necessity for everyone, but how many of you do it? What if someone else did it for us? The best you must have heard today. You can pitch for places like Hospitals, temples and shrines, apartment complexes, hotels, etc. which assigns work contracts to professional cleaners.

  • Investment: 2-5 lakhs
  • ROI Period: 6 months

3. Catering Services

When it comes to Indian occasions, food gets the most priority. Certainly, good food automatically transforms an ordinary event to a great event. In this business, one can start a small industry with rented equipment and on-site cooking.

  • Investment: 3-5 lakhs
  • ROI Period: 6-8 months

4. Delivery Services

Is food delivery the only delivery service that comes into your mind? But, one can start this service by delivering absolutely anything to customers, even products from supermarkets, gifts from stores, etc.

  • Investment: 1-2 lakhs
  • ROI Period: 3 months

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5. Travel-Holiday Planner

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Today, people’s new interest in travelling is increasing with every passing day. As a holiday planner, you’ll have to research, plan and book a trip according to your customer’s needs.

  • Investment: 3-5 lakhs
  • ROI Period: 6-8 months

6. Online Store

All you need to do is open up your own website or enroll via an e-commerce portal and set up your store and sell whatever you wish to ranging from lovely pieces of art to designer home décor objects and pickles and sauces.

  • Investment: 1-3 lakhs
  • ROI Period: 6-8 months

7. Dog Breeder

At present, every other house has a pet dog. And this is the best business for those who love the little canines and want to make some amazing profits at the same time.

  • Investment: 10 lakhs
  • ROI Period: 12-15 months

8. Online Advertisements

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Online advertising market brings in a revenue of ₹600 crores, which is only about 3-4% of the total advertising market. The business of online advertisement brings together those with advertising space on the web and those who need this space.

  • Investment: 2-4 lakhs
  • ROI Period: 10-12 months

9. Spa Service

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In India, the spa culture is on a rise. People constantly battle with stress and exhaustion in their daily lives, places they can experience mental and physical relaxation become immensely important.

  • Investment: 8-10 lakhs
  • ROI Period: 10-15 months

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