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9 Brand Name Changes Of 2018 That Turned Out To Be Worse

| Published on December 26, 2018

The name of any brand plays a vital role. The name is what identifies the brand. While a catchy name can in itself be marketed very easily, a brand name that does not go with people in turn ends the brand. Here are the 9 worst Brand name changes of 2018.

1) AT&T’s advance advertising unit

AT&T, giving a shout out to Alexander Graham Bell name their advance advertising unit Xandr. The advance advertising unit brings together ad and analytics business together with businesses such as AdWorks and AppNexus. Xander beats the placeholder name AdCo.

2) Dunkin’ Donuts

Despite everyone already calling it Dunkin’, Dunkin’ Donut changed their name to plain and simple Dunkin’. The only question to be answered here is if this boosts Dunkin’ Donut’s sales in the future. Only time will tell.

3) Figliulo & Partners

To commemorate its 5 year anniversary, creative shop Figliulo & Partners rebranded itself as Fig. the new advertisement campaign were full of Fig-tree illustrations.

4) Michael Kors Holdings

After buying Jimmy Choo in 2017and Versace in 2018, Michael Kors Holdings wanted to re-name itself. They renamed to Capri Holdings inspired by the Island named Capri in Italy. The name’s symbolism is to the three rock formation formed over 200 million years ago, representing the three founder-led brands in the global fashion luxury group.

5) Muhtayzik Hoffer

An already not so easy name to pronounce, Muhtayzik Hoffer changed its name to M/H VCPP.

6) New York & Co.Inc.

New York & Co.Inc., the women’s apparel retailed decided that it had enough brands to rebrand them in a letter and word mash-up of the brands. It changed its name to RTW Retailwinds.

7) Thomson Reuters

Blackstone bought Thomson Reuters’ Financial & Risk business and renamed it to Refinitive.

8) VF Corp’s Jeans brands

All of VF Corporation’s jeans-focused brands such as Wrangler, Lee and Rock&Republic, plus its VF Outlets are all being separated into another brand. The name of that brand is Kontoor Brands.

9) Tribune Publishing

This one is a reversal. Tribune Publishing returned to that name after two years as Tronc, short for Tribune Online Content. This return to the previous name could not have made us feel any happier.

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