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9 Apps That Will Help You Nail Your Essay

| Published on May 15, 2023

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Writing essays can be a daunting task for students, particularly when they are facing tight deadlines or struggling with writer’s block. However, now there are numerous study apps available that can make the essay writing process much easier and more efficient.

If you are a student, then these apps offer a wide range of features and tools that can help you organize your ideas, improve your writing skills, and stay focused and productive throughout the writing process.

1.  Grammarly – Best for Editing

Grammarly is a writing assistant that checks the grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style of a document. It can help you catch errors and suggest improvements to the writing. In fact, if you are wondering, “how can I write my research paper” – then Grammarly is perhaps the best way to go.

Moreover, Grammarly can be customized to suit the needs of individual students. For instance, some papers might need an argumentative style, while others need a more creative approach. Grammarly can also help you avoid unintentional plagiarism by checking your work against billions of web pages and academic papers to detect potential matches.

2.  Papers – Best for Organizing Research

Research and reference are crucial aspects of the essay writing process. Those who are efficient with organizing their research will also be able to write compelling essays. Papers is a reference management software app for organizing, reading, citing, and sharing research papers.

It allows users to organize their research papers, manuscripts, and other documents in one place. It also includes a library of over 4 million papers, and a citation manager, allowing you to quickly create citations for your research papers.

3.  Hemingway Editor – Best for Writing Concise Essays

The Hemingway Editor is a browser-based app that helps students write clear and concise sentences. After all, prolixity is something that students want to avoid when writing an essay. It highlights long, complex sentences and suggests ways to simplify them. It can also help the writer identify passive voice and adverbs.

Moreover, Hemingway also gives a readability score to help determine how easy the writing is to understand. This can be incredibly helpful since it will help students identify any weak areas in the essay and make changes accordingly.

4.  MindNode – Best for Brainstorming Ideas

When writing essays, it is crucial to ensure that the individual arguments connect to the thesis statement. For this, students should have a clear outline of how to structure the essay. This is where MindNode comes in.

MindNode is a mind-mapping app that can help you brainstorm and organize your ideas. With this app, you can create a visual map of your essays, with each node representing a different idea or argument. Students can then move these ideas around and group them together to create a clear outline. MindNode even supports collaborative editing, so you can also work with others to develop your essays.

5.  Zotero – Best for Citing References

Zotero is a reference management tool that can be immensely helpful for students to cite sources for their essays. It can create bibliographies in a variety of styles and can automatically generate citations for the sources used in the essay.

It also integrates with word processing software like Microsoft Word and Google Docs, allowing students to insert citations and create a bibliography automatically. This way, students can automate the tedious task of citations and focus more on writing the essay.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/V_JGp9lnojw

6.  FocusWriter – Best App for Blocking Out Distractions

FocusWriter is designed to be a distraction-free writing environment, which means that it can help students to focus on writing essays without being distracted by notifications, email, or other apps on the computer. It offers a full-screen mode that hides all other windows and applications on the computer screen.

It allows students to set goals for their writing session, such as a word count or a time limit. FocusWriter also has an in-built autosave feature that saves the writing at regular intervals, so you don’t have to worry about losing the work.

7.  Power Thesaurus – Free Online app For Improving Vocabulary

When writing an essay, it’s easy to fall into the trap of using the same words over and over again. The Power Thesaurus app can help you find synonyms for words and expand your vocabulary – avoiding repetitions.

This app can even suggest synonyms or alternatives for phrases – so students can find the right words that convey a more precise or nuanced meaning than the word they originally used.

8.  Wordtune Read – Best for Getting Condensed Versions of Long Articles

It can be exhausting and time-consuming to read through a plethora of resources when writing an essay. Instead, Wordtune Read can offer students a gist of the paper – thus allowing them to save time and effort.

This is an AI-based app that can be added to Chrome as an extension. By using this app, students can avoid clutter and zoom back into the sections where the details matter most. Moreover, Wordtune Read also highlights the key points, which makes it easy to spot important information.

9.  Google Docs – Best Word Processor for Writing Essays

Google Docs is a free, cloud-based word-processing app that allows the user to collaborate on documents with others. It is a web-based application that can be accessed from any device. This means that you can work on your essays from home, school, or any other location without worrying about file compatibility issues or the need to carry around a flash drive. Moreover, it is also possible to work in both online and offline modes.

Furthermore, Google Docs automatically saves changes as users work on a document, which can prevent the loss of important work in case of a technical issue or accidental closure of the document.

Whether you are looking to eliminate distractions, expand your vocabulary, or automate tedious tasks, there is an app out there that can help you to achieve your goals. By utilizing these tools and resources, you can improve your essay-writing skills and produce higher-quality work.

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