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8 Unforgettable Co-Branding Partnerships

Favorite products often result from two separate brands collaborating, blending their strengths and creating something extraordinary.

| Published on June 30, 2023

Do you remember that heavenly chocolate brownie mix that combined the magic of Betty Crocker and Hershey’s?

Well, guess what? They still make it!

Here comes the partnership of Co- Branding!

The co-branding partnership between Betty Crocker and Hershey’s continues to flourish, delighting chocolate enthusiasts all around.

Through their strategic co-branding partnership, Betty Crocker and Hershey’s aimed to strengthen their customer base, foster greater customer loyalty, and elevate their brand recognition.

Join us in this article as we explore the realm of successful co-branding, revealing the secrets behind unforgettable customer experiences.

Top Co-Branding Success Stories

1. GoPro and Red Bull

Red Bull and GoPro teamed up in 2012 for the “Stratos” event, featuring skydiver Felix Baumgartner’s record-breaking jump from 24 miles above the earth. The collaboration showcased GoPro’s innovative camera technology, providing unprecedented athlete perspectives. The event garnered significant media attention and marked a successful partnership for both brands.

2. Amazon and American Express

Amazon, the renowned global ecommerce giant, has formed a co-branding partnership with American Express to enhance the selling experience for small businesses on its platform. With millions of users and a vast network of nearly two million business sellers, Amazon aims to improve their selling capabilities through this strategic collaboration.

3. Nike & Apple

Nike and Apple have had a longstanding co-branding partnership since the early 2000s. Originally centered around integrating music into Nike workouts with iPods, the collaboration has evolved to include Nike Run Club, leveraging Apple Watch’s advanced features for enhanced training and community engagement.

4. Spotify and Starbucks

Starbucks and Spotify partnered to create an enhanced coffee shop experience. Curated playlists provide a captivating ambiance in Starbucks outlets, accessible to customers through the integrated Spotify feature in the Starbucks app. It’s a cool way for coffee lovers to enjoy great music, with the option to search for the playlist on Spotify.

5. CoverGirl & Lucasfilm

Lucasfilm and CoverGirl’s “Star Wars” collaboration broke stereotypes and captivated a wider audience. With styles inspired by the Light Side and the Dark Side, both brands gained attention, appealing to young women and leveraging the film’s advertising campaign.

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6. Uber & Spotify

Spotify and Uber’s partnership created a “soundtrack for your ride” experience, allowing riders to become the DJs of their trips by connecting to Spotify. This co-branding collaboration enhances the experiences of both Uber and Spotify users, providing the opportunity to enjoy favorite tunes during rides and potentially influencing their transportation and music streaming choices.

7. Bonne Belle & Dr. Peppe

Bonne Belle changed the lip balm game in 1973 with Lip Smacker, the first flavored lip balm. Their partnership with Dr. Pepper in 1975 created a hugely popular lip balm flavor among teenage girls. Vintage ads cleverly emphasized the lip-smacking flavor and Bonne Belle’s understanding of consumer tastes.

8. Taco Bell & Doritos

The Doritos Locos Taco, a collaboration between Taco Bell and Frito-Lay, became an instant sensation in the fast food industry. By incorporating a Doritos shell into Taco Bell’s classic crunchy taco recipe, they created a unique and wildly popular item. The taco’s success was remarkable, with an estimated 1 billion units sold in its first year.

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