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8 Types Of Logo Design & When To Use Each One

| Published on February 21, 2020

Logos are a way to represent the company’s product or motive and are the first thing from a business to ever interact with the audience out there. That is why people work on it a lot these days to make it attractive enough to pull the clients in.

But these graphic designs are of 8 different distinctions. Let’s know all about it.

Type Based Logos

The Typed Based Logos concentrate on letterform, written word, and typefaces. It further has 3 other separate parts which are mentioned as follows:
1. Wordmark
Wordmark logo is the one where the company’s name is highlighted without any support such as an image. This type works best when the name of the company is highly unique. For example:
logo design
2. Lettermark
It is similar to Wordmark but focuses only on the company name’s initials and not the entire name. When the firm’s name is long, they try to make it easier for the audience to remember it. For example:
logo design
3. Monogram
Monogram logo design gives out a sense of luxury to the onlookers and is mostly a combination of 2-3 letters that come together in a highly attractive manner.
logo design

Image Based Logo

Image based logos include image graphics, combination of words along with the image and different type of other designs to make it look fascinating.
1. Abstract Mark
Abstract logo is a way to come up with an extremely unique graphic considering the company’s culture and giving it a new perspective through it. It could have a hidden meaning, too. For example:
logo design
2. Symbol/Pictorial Mark
Mostly, a symbol representing the name of the brand. The symbol/picture can be creatively played with while finalizing the ultimate design. For example:
logo design
3. Emblem/Crest
These traditional yet amazing graphic designs are a great combination of an image and text. Mostly, the emblem logo designs represent the ancientness of the company and the truthworthiness of it. For example:
logo design
4. Mascot
Mascot is colorful, attractive and gives out a sense of everything that your company is about. The design’s main moto is to let the viewer know the product of the company in the very first sight of the logo. For example:
logo design
5. Combination Mark
A perfect combination of a wordmark and a symbol to give out some information regarding the business. For example:
logo design
Which of these caught your attention the most? Tell us in the comment section.

Source: EmpiricalDesigns
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