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8 Super Expensive Things Bought By Rich People

| Published on October 10, 2020

We all have had something in the back of the minds that we wish to possess no matter how expensive it may be. While some work hard and save up to finally buy it, many just keep on wishing on it.

Many have been blessed to be rich enough to buy whatever they want. But sometimes the rich seem to go a little over-board with their possessions.

Today we bring you certain items that have simply no or little use but cost a fortune.

1. Fornasetti Waste-Paper Bin

Honestly the rich buy everything expensive. And keeping the tradition alive, leading designers have made even garbage bins that are almost to what many earn in India in a year.

Fornasetti manufactures ‘waste-paper’ bins that costs more than $1500 (approx Rs 1,09,000). That is insane money to pay for something that literally stores garbage.

2. Balenciaga Blanket Square Bags

Balenciaga is a name that represents richness and luxury. Well, the brand is also known for its quirky choice of designs and colors. But did you know, the brand had launched bags that were exactly what one would call a comforter bag? Not only was the bag absurd looking but was insanely pricy too. The bag costs around $3000 which roughly comes around Rs 2,20,000.

3. Supreme Brick

Around 4 years back, Supreme launched something that was going to hit many of us hard. The fashion brand launched its very own brick. But the catch was not just that. The price of one brick was up to £750 (approx. Rs 70,000).

4. Tiffany & Co. Silver ball of yarn

In a limited edition sale, Tiffany’s artisans in New York re-imagined the threads of yarn of pure silver. The ball of yarn was exquisite that it cost $9000. Far far more expensive than what you expect a ball of yarn to cost.

5. Gucci ‘Dirty’ Sneakers

When we were young and would wear sneakers to the playground they would sometimes get awfully dirty. That was one reason many middle-class families would prefer buying their kid cheap sneakers. However, it may seem that the rich are apparently unable to dirty their own sneakers that a brand like Gucci had to put dirt on them beforehand.

These absurd ‘dirty’ sneakers were sold for around $1000. Something you can do for free. Literally!

6. Gold Toiler Paper

Trust us. We are cringing as we are writing this. Yes! there is something such as ‘Gold Toilet Paper’ in the market.

The Toilet Paper Man company had started selling 22-karat gold toilet paper for $1.3 million. Imaging wiping yourself clean with one of these and then throwing them in the dust bin. Now imagine that there are people somewhere in the world who did exactly just that.

7. Boodles Jewellers’ Diamond Studded Tea Bag

Rich people want everything to be extravagant. No matter how much they spend, it will never be too much for them it seems. To cater to the spoilt needs of the rich, the Boodles Jewellers made teabags with 280 diamonds each.

To all the tea lovers out there. You can buy this extraordinary teabag for just $14,000 (Approx Rs 10 Lakhs). Anyone up for it?

8. Hermes Bookmark

Bookmarks have always been something that can be made out of anything. Simply press a rose in between the pages and there you have a bookmark with memories. But Hermes seems to have taken care of that for the rich too. A simple bookmark by the fashion giant costs more than $350. Something for you to ‘bookmark’.

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