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8 Predictions That Steve Jobs Made About The Future of Tech – 6 Came True, 2 Failed

| Published on May 28, 2019

Many a times, great personalities make predictions about the future of the field they are best in and the most unbelievable thing is, most of their predictions actually turn into reality.

Apple cofounder, Steve Jobs, needs no introduction, but did you know that he made several predictions about the future of tech throughout his life. Interestingly, many of his predictions came true, although a couple weren’t even close to what it is today.

It has been eight years since Steve Job’s death and even today he is remembered for his contribution to the field of tech. So, let us look back to few of his prophecies that hit the target and others too which were surprising misfires.

1. Using computers for fun at home

In 1985, Jobs had predicted that the use of personal computers would spread into the home.

Today, it isn’t hidden to anyone that it is a lot more than just ‘fun’ and 79% of American households have a computer according to a study in 2015 by the US Census Bureau.

2. Connected through the computer

Again, in the same interview in 1985, Jobs predicted that the main reason for the people to buy a personal computer would be to link it into a nationwide communications network.

Did it become a reality? In the world of social media platforms, this question doesn’t even call for an answer!

3. Every function will be at your fingertips with a mouse

Personal computers required instructions to be laboriously typed on the keyboard in those days, but thanks to Jobs who released his Lisa Computer in 1983 which had a mouse. This made all those commands visually simple.

Today in the world of touch-screen technology, we take mouse as something for granted in computing.

4. Presence of Web Dial Tone everywhere

In 1996, Jobs prophesied that the web would be received and used by consumers across the globe.

Today, as of April 2019, an estimated 4.4 billion people around the world use the internet which is about 56% of the world’s population, and 81% of the developed world.

5. Managing your own storage

Before the existence of Google Drive and iCloud, Jobs had emphasized the need for ways to manage storage.

Currently, everyone has an account in Google Drive, OneDrive or iCloud just to manage our extra storage.

6. Apple’s strategy: Put an incredibly great computer in a book

In 1983, most personal computers were big, heavy boxes in laboratories and workshops. And in an interview, Jobs had exclaimed that it would be wonderful to have a little box, a sort of slate that we could carry along with you.

In today’s world, we call that sort of slate tech as a tablet, Kindle, or a smartphone that fits in your pocket.

Few out of many that didn’t hit the right chord:

7. Lots of innovation in the areas of software but not in hardware

In 1983, Jobs predicted that there will be lots of innovation in the areas of software but not in hardware because most of the companies they were focusing on the software.

But after the entry of Microsoft in the tech world, everything changed. Today, Microsoft, Apple, and Google are renowned names for software developers. Sad, but Jobs was wrong this time.

8. The web will not be a life-changing event for millions of people

In 1996, when Jobs was asked whether the web will be a life-changing event for people? He was doubtful about the power of the web at that point.

In today’s world, we all rely on the web for almost everything. In other words, the Web makes our life easier and thus, this prediction of Steve Jobs got very wrong.

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