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8 Most Popular Footwear Brands In India

| Published on January 30, 2018

With the ever-changing fashion trends, footwear industry is expanding very quickly in India from past few years. The youth of the country is very concerned about their looks and everyone is becoming aware of the footwear they want to buy. India is among the leading leather exporters and shoe manufacturers in the world.
Indian footwear market is dominated by numerous local shoe brands and many international brands are entering the Indian market. Below are some most popular footwear brands in India:

1. Woodland

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Aero Group, which is a very popular outdoor shoe making company since 1950, launched Woodland in 1992. Woodland became popular in a short span of time due to its quality and durability. At present, Woodland has 3000 multi-brand stores in various countries including India.

2. Bata


Bata is one of the most trusted footwear brands in India. Bata has over 1200 retail stores present across the good locations. Bata is known for its quality products and offers a great shopping experience to its customers.

3. Nike


Nike is known for the sports shoes it manufactures. Nike footwear looks great with denim jeans and casual tees. nike offers a wide range of shoes in a variety of designs and sizes. Nike shoes give comfort along with the stylish looks.

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4. Lakhani


Lakhani is popular for selling beach slippers in India and manufactures nearly 40 million pairs in a single year. Also, Lakhani is the largest exporter of canvas and vulcanized shoes in India. Lakhani produces a wide range of footwear for both men and women.

5. Adidas


Another popular brand which is known for designs and quality in sports shoes. Adidas has a variety of sneakers and sports shoes for men and women. Adidas footwear is ideal for running and outdoor activities. Adidas brand was founded by two brothers named Adi and Rudolph.

6. Liberty


Liberty has been making fashioning footwear, for over 60 years now. Liberty is among the top 5 manufacturers of leather footwear in the world. Every day the company produces more than 50,000 pairs using over 3 lacs square feet of leather each month. Liberty has a worldwide distribution network with more than 6000 multi-brand outlets.

7. Puma


Puma is an international footwear brand which sells its products through online stores and retail outlets in India. Puma shoes look perfect with polo t-shirts jeans.

8. Action


Action sells shoes made for men, women and children with multiple brand names including Flotter, Milano, Campus, Fun Time, and Micro. Action products are available in a very affordable price range and are popular in India from past three decades.

Which one is your favourite of all these? Do let us know in comments.

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