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8 India’s Best Skincare & Beauty Influencers In 2023

| Published on March 23, 2023

We created a list of the best skincare and beauty influencers in India.

India is regarded as one of the biggest marketplaces in the world for the beauty sector. This post is ideal for you if you’re looking for trendsetters who can assist you strengthen your own brand identity across the nation. These influencers have successfully aided firms in their marketing strategies because of their extensive reach and knowledge.

Content creators create various tactics to present and advertise goods & services to the intended market after working with businesses. These influencers have one thing in common: they all have a large social media fan base. In India, Instagram and YouTube continue to be two of the most popular sites for sharing comparable content. More followers mean you can reach a larger audience, which leads to more brand awareness, engagement, and conversions!

The Best Beauty & SkincareInfluencers in India are:

1. Be Natural

Youtube Susbscribers – 6.38M
Instagram Followers – 205K

Discover “Be Natural”, the digital marketing industry’s queen with over six million unique followers. The Be Natural channel is well-known for encouraging a “natural” appearance by suggesting the top skincare and cosmetic items that are wonderful for your skin. She has inexpensive skincare tricks and beauty advice that can help you feel and look your best. You can rely on her to point you on the correct path with her frank product reviews and suggestions!

Women’s health, women’s hygiene, and women’s empowerment are all championed by Be Natural. One video at a time, this channel inspires women to feel absolutely best.

2. Haania Devansh Juneja

Instagram Followers – 151K

Haania is a blogger, fashion designer, and content creator. Hanina is the expert in all your cosmetic looks, whether they are for formal nude looks or birthday glam. While creating video for her audience, Hanina tries to pay attention to even the smallest aspects.

Hanina enjoys using premium products, but she also experiments with Indian and domestic skincare and cosmetics companies. You’ll be inspired to try out new makeup techniques and brands after viewing this makeup influencer’s winter looks, subtle looks, summer looks, cut-creases, and many other Instagram reels of this kind.

3. Rinkal Parekh

Youtube Susbscribers – 3.79M
Instagram Followers – 101K

Introducing Rinkal Parekh, a well-known video creator who promotes her love of skincare and beauty on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Rinkal’s tutorials are your go-to resource for getting beautiful skin, including everything from simple skincare regimens to do-it-yourself remedies for various skin issues. And if you’re seeking hair and body care advice, Rinkal got you covered!

Rinkal’s impact and unique marketing style have helped brands keep their identities in the industry.

4. Kritika Khurana

Youtube Susbscribers – 797K
Instagram Followers – 1.7M

ThatBohoGirl, also known as Kritika Khurana, is a multi-talented style & design specialist. She has gained a reputation as a sought-after influencer on social media in the fashion & travel industries because of her significant expertise in blogging, producing, and public speaking. Kritika takes pride in her expert marketing abilities and makes use of them to create informative articles, entertaining videos, and eye-catching images that support the growth of personal care and cosmetics firms.

Some well-known companies have already taken notice of her work, such as Nivea, Maybelline, Myntra, and PureSense, who has teamed up with her to develop memorable and successful campaigns.

5. Glory Gust

Youtube Susbscribers – 1.16M
Instagram Followers – 24.1K

Glory Gust is a well-known YouTuber with more than 300 million visits and a growing fan base. Her YouTube channel offers suggestions, lessons, and ideas for cosmetics, emphasizing the particular advantages and benefits of each item. She skillfully creates films with subjects that appeal to her audience, ranging from festive glam to regular looks.

Glory Gust, stands out for her creative use of YouTube Shorts to provide bite-sized beauty videos. Her one-minute films frequently receive up to 23 million visitors or more, establishing her status as a top content producer in the beauty sector.

6. Aishwarya Kandpal

Youtube Susbscribers – 3.91K
Instagram Followers – 49.1K

Aishwarya Kandpal is a multi-talented online content developer who works as a playwright, videographer, and director. Her distinctive method of using narrative to market items is what makes her stand out. It should come as no surprise that she has a devoted following in a variety of sectors, including travel, fashion, technology, and even banking!

Aishwarya utilizes videos as a communication tool with her followers on social media because she thinks they are an integral element of customers’ digital life. She aids her partners in creating effective tactics that enthrall and engage their target audience with her depth of experience and knowledge.

7. Rowi Singh

Youtube Susbscribers – 1.16M
Instagram Followers – 397K

Rowi Singh is India’s and the world’s most influential lifestyle, fashion, cosmetics, and skincare influencer. She can help you with everything you need, including product suggestions, style advice, and cosmetic lessons. You can be sure that you’ll be getting the real deal because all of her videos, pictures, and other uploads are packed with short reviews.

Nevertheless, Rowi’s bright and vibrant sense of style is what truly makes her stand out. She isn’t scared of going overboard with her bejeweled outfits, which is something you rarely see in daily life. Rowi has already partnered with well-known brands like Samsung Galaxy and Fenty Beauty, so users know she’s the genuine deal.

8. Malvika Sitlani Aryan

Youtube Susbscribers – 778K subscribers
Instagram Followers – 598K

Meet Malvika Sitlani Aryan, a prominent voice in the beauty industry who has millions of followers on Instagram and YouTube. She excels in creating new, pertinent, and fashionable content that aids in brand building and audience engagement.

Malvika uses a variety of tactics to make big changes to her audience; whether it’s through straightforward explanations, clever captions, or detailed directions, she always understands how to strike a chord. Malvika is clearly one of the most searched beauty influencers, with her remarkable portfolio featuring partnerships with Loreal, Nudestix, and Dyson.

Wrap Up

In India, the beauty sector still expects to expand favourably in the years to come.  Having trustworthy social media influencers who can introduce your products to their audience will undoubtedly expand brand recognition and reach. Also, effective social media promotion will increase your reputation in the industry.

We hope you learned something new about the function of content creators in this industry. We really hope that this post, which lists the best Indian beauty and skincare influencers to far, has aided you in selecting potential brand ambassadors.

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