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8 Indian Universities In Asia Top 100 List

| Published on June 5, 2020

It is a known fact that Indian architecture is renowned in the world and this time we have made a new mark for ourselves by featuring some of our best universities in the Asia Top 100 List! The list include 2 established universities and 6 IITs. Want to know which of our esteemed organisations got featured in the list? Take a look below.

  • Indian Institute of Science: Rank 36
  • IIT Ropar: Rank 47
  • IIT Indore: Rank 55
  • IIT Kharagpur: Rank 59
  • IIT Delhi: Rank 67
  • IIT Bombay: Rank 69
  • IIT Roorkee: Rank 83
  • Institute of Chemical Technology: Rank 92

IIT Ropar, 10 other Indian universities in top 100 for emerging ...

From the list of these 8 institutes, the Institute of Chemical Technology and IIT Ropar are new entrants to the list this year whereas the rest were also featured in the 2019 list.

India ranks third after Japan and China in the list of Asian Universities. Last year, 56 Indian universities were a part of the list this year. There has been a 17% increase of Indian universities since last year and we’re hopeful that the number will increase all the more next.

Which are the Top Institution To Feature in The Asia Top 100 List?

This year, the Tsingshua and Peking University of China have been ranked as the top 1 in the Asian Top 100 list!

Did your college get featured in the list as well?

Source: Business Insider


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