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8 Indian Female Financial Influencers Who Teach To Plan Your Personal Finances

| Published on August 31, 2021

Financial literacy has gained a lot of focus in the past few years with every youngster now planning their portfolio and making sure that their retirement plans are executed successfully. The pandemic has definitely been a trying period for all and has made us all understand the importance of managing one’s finances as well as ensuring that everyone is able to adopt a second source of income.

With social media being used as a medium to educate and nurture one’s audience, female financial influencers of our country have been able to communicate the importance of managing one’s personal finance as well as maintaining budgets very well. Let’s have a look at the top female financial influencers in our country.

CA Rachana Ranade

She has been in the field for more than ten years and uses social media as a medium to communicate with her audience which is a community of over 10,00,000 individuals. She provides a lot of learning material, offers courses and tries to simplify investing for anyone who is interested in learning about it.

Anushka Rathod

Her videos are not just informative but fun too! From decoding financial trajectories of celebrities to providing insights on the latest IPO listings, this CFA aspirant is definitely in the list of top Indian female financial influencers who has been educating her audience for some time now.

Anamika Rana

She explains concepts that are deeply rooted in finance in ways that are fun to watch and offer a lot of insight. To a common man who doesn’t understand the taxation system or isn’t able to understand the different types of insurance, her page offers all the information one needs to know and all through creative personas over reels.

Nidhi Nagori

With a separate page dedicated solely to Hindi content, Nagori is based out of Toronto and offers advice on career paths, living in different countries and a lot many other topics which can assist someone in their professional journey.

Siyali Rai and Niyati Thaker

The co-creators of the page FinCocktail, Siyali and Niyati put up content pertaining to all things finance and tips and tricks which will help you save on your money! It’s a resourceful financial toolkit for all women and a scroll through their page which definitely give you a few hacks to plan your finances in a better manner.

Neha Nagar

She has ventured into multiple areas before finally settling down in this field and she has a lot of insights to offer from her experience! She is also the founder of Taxation Help which also assists individuals in planning and securing their financial future.


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Ashna Tolkar

Also known as the moneylancer, her content talks a lot about the stock markets and she offers comprehensive tool guides towards building one’s portfolio. She also demystifies a lot of deep-rooted financial topics and provides insights on how you should go about investing in any financial market.


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