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8 Iconic Images From Zomato’s Journey That Internet Has Witnessed

| Published on July 26, 2021

Zomato recently got listed on the market and it took us all through a journey, right from its inception to getting listed. The company has gone through quite many highs and lows and the internet has witnessed them all.

Here are a few of the iconic moments from the long journey that Zomato has endured from thinking ‘One Day’ to starting off with ‘Day One’ again.


Founded in 2008, the company started off with Foodiebay when founders Pankaj Chaddah (left) and Deepinder Goyal (right) started scanning menu cards and uploaded them online. This picture takes us right back to the start when Zomato was yet to become a startup.

Young Turks

Deepinder Goyal, hit fame when he got interviewed by Shereen Bhan in CNBC’s iconic show Young Turks. The video definitely was a highlight which had him in rapt conversation and in crisp presentation.


This campaign definitely caught eyes when the company took an initiative in showing the talents that their driver-partners had. These short videos definitely brought in a humanistic approach to the multiple scandals that Zomato has witnessed owing to their delivery partners.

Getting Trolled

The journey hasn’t been quite as easy too. When questions arose about Zomato’s business model, Rahul Yadav, the then-CEO of, trolled Deepinder Goyal for just being a glorified restaurant scanner!

When the delivery boy’s smile went viral

When the infectious smile of a delivery boy went viral on the internet, Zomato decided to make it the display picture of its Twitter account. One of the most wholesome things to have been done, the boy is quite happy with his job and the amount of money that he makes.

The Campaign Which Gifted The Winner 25 lakhs

The food-tech firm admitted that their Youtube ads pretty much sucked and as a result, came out with a unique campaign that let the audience create ads that would win a prize of 25 lakhs even! The campaign was a huge hit and took the internet by storm.

Getting Listed

The company definitely hit gold when it got listed on the exchange. It proved to be a huge milestone and had everyone heaving in anticipation over its IPO. One of the most iconic moments in the journey so far, the company went public on July 14th, 2021.

The company has definitely witnessed a lot many other iconic moments too, which ones are your favourite? Tell us!

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