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These 8 Clever Promotional Stunts Done By Sultan Made Them Best Among All

| Published on July 6, 2017

Sultan was one of Salman Khan’s super successfull movies. It was a sports drama featuring Anushka Sharma. The movie had been successful in Box Office. But nowadays a good script or superstar cast isn’t enough to make a movie super hit. Promotions and marketing are a huge part of the film business now.

Last few years we have witnessed the strategists plotting several new techniques to promote their movie. Eithergoing Facebook live or doing several social media campaigns has been the ultimate weapon of the market strategists.

The Poster

Let’s have a look at some promotion done by the movie Sultan:

1. Punching Bag At Railway Stations

Railway Station counters are one of the most busiest places on India. So hanging a punching bag in the ticket counter carrying the movie slogan – ” Wrestling is not a sport. It’s about fighting what lies within!”. Smart I must say!

Punch On

2. Distorted Punching Bags

How about you suddenly come across a distorted punching bag? Will you get surprised? A distorted punching bag attached to a billboard along with a message-” Hit By Sultan! Or Sultan Practiced On This!”

3. A Game

This is for the tech-savvy people those who love playing games! This consisted of three punching bags and the user can name them according to the challenges they wanted to face in life. Once the user successfully hits the target a messaged flashed on screen saying “Fight What Lies Within”.

The Official Game

4. Tearable Wearable Punching Gloves

After the movie got released, the newspapers came up with an ad with a tearable and wearable punching bag. Then people were asked to post that on social media that went viral immediately.

The Punching Game

5. Movie Discounts

As soon as one found newspaper gloves or biceps related to Sultan , they could cut it and enjoy as much as 10% discount on movie tickets on any theaters.

The Stars At The Kapil Sharma Show

6. Traffic Signals

When the signal turns red every person has to stand and stare. This idea is well utilized by the team as every time signal went red four people wearing boxing rob and gloves crossed the streets. One who wonders got answers by witnessing Sultan posters on other side of the signal!

7. Digital Guerrilla Campaign

Guerrilla marketing is one of the most precious weapons utilized by marketing strategists nowadays. When on news website some crime news arrived and people clicked on it, a Sultan glove would arrive with a message “Fight It Sultan Style” and shake up the mobile screen.

Going Facebook Live

8. Glovin’ It

Nowadays polls are created to know the fact whether one is enjoying certain thing or not. So for Sultan instead of using love or loving it they used ‘GLOVIN’ IT’!

Inspirational Words

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