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8 Brands That Tell Us Winter Is Finally Here

| Published on November 30, 2019

Rain rain goes away, come again some other day.

The season of thermals is here!

Apart from the chilly wind, guess what else knocks at the door? The adverts of the special brands and products! Ofcourse, who else is dancing on the tune of ‘Googly Woogly Woosh’.

Let’s check out the top 8 brands certainly says ‘Winter is coming!’

1) Dabur Chyawanprash

Known to be the Ayurvedic ‘jugaad’ for Indians to fight the germs and diseases during winters, it has been passed down as a recipe for decades. Made from spices, ghee, and plant-based, it tastes pretty good and works like a charm. One teaspoon a day with warm milk and you’re good to go!

2) Jockey

Jockey is not just a known brand for Tshirts or sportswear but also the warmth it brings along during winters. Jockey and its pack of comfortable and soft winter thermal wear for everyone as decent prices give anyone a relief from the cold. Available offline and online, there isn’t a better purchase one could make.

3) Sangam Gajjak

Known to be originating from Morena, India, Desi Gajjaks are made out of sesame seeds, ghee, and jaggery. The recipe is time taking but gives the best results. And, now when brands like Sangam Gajjaks have made it so easy for us, it’s all the more relishing. A delight to eat in the winters, it generates body heat and gives a good punch of energy too!

4) Amul Makkhan

Having a big drop of Amul Butter on that warm plate of Pao Bhaji during winters, watching your mom make Carrot Halwa in the pan where she pours a big gallop of butter, it all brings the best winter feel. Amul represents India’s very own brand based in Gujarat and Makkhan. Nothing works better than it on the stove.

5) Parachute Oil

You know how winter has arrived? Well, you can always know when you need to have warm water to melt the parachute coconut oil. There is a different level of satisfaction once you take out the frozen oil and watch it melt. Winter jitters definitely!

6) Boro Plus

India’s in-house multipurpose cream acts as our very own winter cream whenever and wherever we need it. It works as a moisturizer, dead cell fighter, and freshness cream. All to protect your precious skin during winters. A genuine must find in almost every household during the cold.

7) Cadbury

India holds a special place for Cadbury in its heart. Not just for dairy milk but also for the big box of instant hot chocolate that we find nearby. Having a quick and easy to make a cup of hot chocolate, a warm blanket and comedy movie, the best way to spend winter evenings at home.

8) Kawan Tawa Paratha

Parathas are an Indian dish made out of veggies, a thick bread of sort with stuffed filling inside. Winters is when we get a variety of parathas at home, all thanks to the best quality and tasty veggies available in the markets. From potato, onion, cauliflower, carrot or radish, everything tastes yummy, a luxurious breakfast to say the least. That said, away from home if you are succumbing to winters, missing ‘maa ke haath ka paratha’ – this is going to be your only rescue!

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