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8 Bollywood Dialogues That Will Teach You Business Lessons

| Published on April 17, 2020

To start your own business in today’s world is both challenging & favorable. One needs to have the right principles to follow in order to make sure that they are ready to face the tough market.

And to help with just that, today we bring your a few dialogues from our very own Indian Cinema that have a message for any & every entrepreneur looking to start his own business.

1. Visionary

Bade se bada business … paise se nahi, ek bade idea se bada hota hai

Every big brand started with merely an idea. That is all it took. An entrepreneur is a visionary who, with an idea, can decide every next step needed to ensure that it reaches its destination.

Movie: Badmaash Company

2. Presentation Is Everything

Business karne ke liye businessman lagna zaroori tha … paisa ho na ho paisewala lagna zaroori tha

No matter if you are new to the industry, but to ensure that your clients & partner agents feel confident in your ideas and proposals you need to look, walk & speak like a true businessman. There is a famous saying ‘Money attracts money’. However materialistic it may sound, it is true.

Movie: Badmaash Company

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3. Marketing

Sahi business wohi hai jahan aap problem ko nahi … solution ko bechte hai

One should know how to sell their product. If you sell the problem you might not achieve much but selling the solution to the problem can fetch you the desired results.

Movie: Made In China

4. Dedication

One hundred percent total dedication to one client … start to finish no compromise

Getting a client is not what is difficult but maintaining your clientele surely is. To make sure you have repetitive clients and referrals from them, one needs to show the dedication & commitment to their existing clients.

Movie: Band Baja Baraat

Band Baaja Baaraat | Band baaja baaraat, Bollywood, Bollywood songs

5. Have A Foresight

Kabhi kabhi nuksaan rok lena faide se behtar hota hai

To run a successful business earning profit is surely a must. But what is also required of a true businessman is the foresightedness to stop any future losses or damages. For this, study your market regularly. Know the external factors that can directly or indirectly affect your business. And finally, be prepared with a backup plan if things go down eventually.

Movie: Kalank

6. Humility

Koi dhanda chota nahi hota aur dhande se bada koi dharam nahi hota

It is true that if you wish to start a business you need to think of yourself as a businessman. But do not let the idea get into your head and make you feel that you are above any hard work. To become an expert in what you do you need to start from the bottom, make your own mistakes, learn from them & find a way around it.

Movie: Raees

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7. Courage

Koi bhi dhanda aadmi ki himmat se bada nahi hota

To start your business or to make it a success, all you need is courage. No business is bigger than a man’s courage. If you dare dream it then you must see it through.

Movie: Once Upon A Time In Mumbai

Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year (2009)

8. Team Leader

Business number nahi, business log hain…. Sirf log!

Many businessmen have been known to treat their staff as poorly as possible. And the result shows in the company’s performance. But when you start treating your employees as an asset you may be surprised by the results.

Movie: Rocket Singh: Salesman Of The Year

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