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8 Biggest Advertisements’ Failure Of 2018

| Published on December 26, 2018

Advertisements running on the television or on social media are a major aspect of the marketing segment of a company. However, it even makes the job tougher when social media and opinions come to place. The consumers are more dynamic, opinionated and united as compared to before. One wrong step can unleash the wrath of the whole of India’s population against a company.
Here are a few examples to prove –

1) Revolve’s ‘Fat’ issue

An advertisement probably meant to promote fitness used the tagline ‘Being Fat is not beautiful, it’s an excuse’ faced responses of being a Fat shaming campaign. It had to be later pulled out of the market.

2) Racism 101

H&M, a renowned clothing brand, released an advertisement with a Black child wearing a hoodie with a catchy phrase – ‘Coolest monkey in the jungle’ to promote their collection and attract teenagers. However, the casting and tagline raised various racism concerns around the world.

3) Heineken trying to go ‘Light’

Their tagline for light beers ‘Sometimes light is better’ again called for debate regarding hate against dark-skinned people or even the heavier weighted ones.

4) Victoria’s (un-victory) Secret

The CMO of the company stated his views regarding the fact that how transgender and plus size models should not be allowed to walk the runway for the brand.

5) Snapchat redesign

The Social app took a step forward to provide an innovative look to its app. Zero support and deactivations led to the cancellation of the same.

6) MasterCards social work

The company’s campaign to sponsor 10000 meals for every goal made by their brand ambassadors Lionel Messi and Neymar attracted agitation. The point was if a company has the money to help people, it should fulfill its social responsibility without conditions.

7) Marriott’s struggle

Their expansion plans were ruined when they made a mistake of naming countries like Tibet as a part of China in a customer survey. Their websites and apps were subsequently shut down for a week in China.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Mark Schiefelbein/AP/REX/Shutterstock (9314660b)
A deliveryman walks away from the entrance of a JW Marriott hotel in Beijing, . The Marriot hotel chain apologized Thursday to China’s government for referring to Tibet and self-ruled Taiwan as countries in a customer survey that news reports said Chinese police investigated as a possible crime
Marriott Map Tensions, Beijing, China – 11 Jan 2018

8) Dolce and Gabbana

Their advertisement of a Chinese woman struggling to eat Italian food attracted many racism comments during their Shanghai Fashion show along socio-cultural aspects.

A modern day advertisement should not underestimate the power of offended audiences. Don’t forget to look at your company’s advertisements from all possible aspects first!

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