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74-Year-Old Indian Sikh Model Featured In The Billboard At Times Square, NYC

| Published on January 20, 2019

If you have been driving across Times Square in the past few days, you may have come across a huge billboard. What is so exciting about a billboard? Yes, it is if it features a turbaned Sikh elderly gentleman. So in case you have not seen it and happen to be in New York City, then waste no time and go click a selfie with this unusual model, making Sikhs and Indian Americans proud.

There’s a new Indian American on the country’s most coveted billboard.

Northridge, California, resident Pritam Singh is proudly adorning the billboards for Dollar Shave Club, a California-based company popularly dealing in shaving and grooming products. The 74-year-old Singh appears in the company’s new commercial for beard oil, a unique product targeting men who like to keep their facial hair.

In a commendable move toward showcasing diversity, the company chose a Sikh model and also featured a thoughtful tagline for its commercial which reads, “Beard Oil Because for Some People Beards are Religion.”

When Singh was asked about how did he came through this commercial, he replied, “I was informed about this by a friend who lives in NYC and was passing by Times Square.”

Amandeep, his son replied, “The Dollar Shave Club is an important milestone and I hope millions seeing it recognize our presence.”


Dollar Shave Club with this strategy has been able to gather everyone’s attention. Very strategically have they used their tagline to gather support from different parts of the world. Observing very carefully, we see Pritam Singh was used as a prop by the company to market its products in the global market.

Also, the company had advertised itself well enough for convincing people to come and give auditions. They created a good hype for the auditions so that many could come for it even though their eyes were on a particular section of the contestants.

This shows that a company can easily make an impact on the market if it has the right strategy, right timing, the right audience to advertise.

Dollar Shave Club with this also showed the importance of Indian culture in the global market. Let’s hope other companies learn how to strategically plan in marketing from this a mere shaving and grooming product company.

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