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70 Year Old Suman Dhamane Becomes A YouTube Star Thanks To Her Grandson

| Published on January 1, 2021

Social media has become more than just a source of entertainment for us all. The platform has given way to the career of social media content creators who are getting paid for their talent handsomely.

Amongst many youths in the country who received a lot of name and fame through social media, a 70-year-old grandmother has now become a very popular name on YouTube. Suman Dhamane from Maharashtra never went to school but has now become a Youtube star.

In just six months time, Suman Dhamane‘s Youtube Channel ‘Aapli Aaji’ (Our grandmother) which is about her delicious recipies has over six lakh subscribers. She makes Maharashtrian dishes with homemade spices, all in traditional flavours.


Her channel is has received so much appreciation that it has been receiving over 4,000 subscribers and millions of views each day. She is also the latest recipient of YouTube Creators award this year.

Though the recipes are her talent, the credit for her success goes to her 17-year-old grandson Yash. It was his idea to post videos of her grandma’s Maharashtrian style cooking online. The duo worked has a team where the grandmother cooked her amazing food and Yash recorded, edited and uploaded them online.

70 Year Old Suman Dhamane Becomes A YouTube Star Thanks To Her Grandson

Despite preparing for his 10th exam, Yash would help his grandmother upload at least 2 videos in a week.
When asked about the success of her channel, Suman shared, “I did not know what YouTube was and never thought about putting recipes on social media. But now I feel uneasy if I do not share any recipe on the channel.”
The fact that these cooking videos are uploaded in her regional language has proved to be very beneficial for Suman has many locals have become a fan of her videos and recepies and that has helped her gain many followers.

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