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7 World’s Most Popular Brands & What Makes Them So Addictive

| Published on November 27, 2020

When it comes to brands establishing their name, sticking to proven, calculated, and actionable marketing tools is as important as thinking out of the box and bringing in new ideas on board.

Today, we will discuss how brands like Apple and McDonalds’ are what they are in today’s scenario. Or, in other words, what did they do right when it comes to marketing, and what you can learn from them. Fasten your seatbelts, and keep reading.

1. Apple

Apple probably has the most loyal customer base established, especially when it comes to cutting-edge technology. It’s rare to find people not owning at least one Apple product.

So, how do they do it? Have you noticed whenever a new apple phone is launched, or a new watch series, a buzz is created in the market? What buzz is that for? That is because they have conditioned their customers to “need” their latest products. This explains people’s obsession with Apple.

2. Spotify

When Spotify rose to height, the market offering music streaming services was actually saturated, but still, Spotify conquered, owing to its exceptional marketing.

Spotify offered a very personalized and customized individual experience, as the user demands.

3. Uber

Well, we all have installed Uber on our phones, and have traveled with it. Well, Uber’s user interface is completely user friendly, making the job of booking a cab achievable, from a 10-year-old to a 60-year-old. Apart from that, Uber capitalizes on the first-mover’s advantage like a pro!

4. Amazon

Now, Amazon is not just restricted to offer you an exceptional online shopping experience but is present from OTT Platforms, groceries, medicines, books, twitch, and more.

They offer everything on individual’s demands, and try to link their experience as one. For instance, having an Amazon Prime Membership means, both, access to their OTT Platform, as well as free and faster delivery of what they ordered from their shopping portal.

5. Nike


Probably one of the best athletic retail brands, and when it comes to sports retail business, their marketing and branding gameplan has always been the one to look at. Here’s the secret behind their success: they don’t sell their products, but rather sell the idea behind it. That’s why they have top athletes as brand ambassadors on board.

6. Bumble

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Bumble has been redefining online dating in the 21st century. It promotes itself a safer community, where online dating, meeting new people, and seeing someone isn’t a fad.

7. Tesla

When we talk about brands in the present, Tesla might or might not have a name. but when we talk about brands having a future, Tesla surely has a name. The influence of a CEO on its brand can be well understood by Elon Musk’s involvement and influence over Tesla.

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Wrapping it up, here’s a pro tip for you: Don’t just look for what other brands did right, also, look for what they did wrong, so you don’t have to repeat their mistakes.

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