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7 Weirdest Apps To Be Made Ever

| Published on September 10, 2020

With the advancement of smartphones, there have been many apps that have made the use of these phones more interesting. There are many apps on our phones that have become a part of our lives for professional & personal use like Whatsapp or even a simple calculator.

However, there are many apps that are so weird you just don’t know what to do with them.

1. iShaver Pro

iShaver Pro is an app by Savvas Petrou the transforms your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad into a virtual electric shaver. Yes, that is right, it works as an electric shaver. Though it may seem that the logic behind the app cannot be understood, it is actually built as a prank that one can enjoy with family & friends.

2. Weird Guys

Justifying its name, Weird Guys is an app made by Kazuya Kamioka that has a lot of weird guys in it. All these weird guys are attracted to a flower that is hanging in the middle. You need to stop those weird guys from grabbing the flower. It really is a weird game.

3. $1000000 App

Ever wondered how it feels to carry a million dollars in your pocket? Well, there is an app that lets you do just that. $1000000 is an app available on the apple store which lets you ‘feel rich’ by virtually counting a million dollars anytime you like. That is it! You can choose from different ways of swiping that lets you count the virtual money.

4. Lick the Icicle

This stupid app displays an icicle and you have to lick (touch) the end of it to melt. You have to move your tongue, otherwise, it will freeze. The app even has a timer.

5. Milk The Cow

Yes, the name of the app implies exactly what it lets you do. As weird it may sound, this is a gaming app that lets you virtually milk a cow. Is there anyone interested to improve their farming skills?

6. Nothing


The app delivers what it promises. It is absolutely about Nothing. Well, there is a reason it makes the list as one of the weirdest apps there are. Once you download the app, it does simply nothing. There are no icons, no display, just a blank page that does absolutely nothing.

7. I am Bread

Another weird gaming app, I Am Bread is available only on the app store. I Am Bread puts the player in control of a slice of bread. The aim of each level is to turn the bread into toast. If the bread, before becoming toast, touches certain objects (e.g. the floor, water, or ants), it will get dirty and the “edibility” meter will go down.

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