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7 Ways To Improve Your Local Marketing Strategy

| Published on May 27, 2020

You must have heard of various forms of marketing in this age, but a lot of companies still believe that targetting a specific audience in the vicinity of their location brings the most engagement through right tactics, if used. This phenomenon is known as ‘local marketing’. Until and unless a company had a good local presence, it cannot reach other areas of interest. Since there are so many methods to try and test today, local marketing can take you one step ahead especially if you are a startup.

10 Tips For Local Business Marketing - Local Advertising Journal

Most companies overlook this simple strategy that is right there in front of them. You can boost your local marketing strategy in the following ways,

Know Your Audience

In order to target the right customer, it is important to understand their behavioural patterns, interests, demographics etc. You cannot pitch oranges to customers who like apples. In the same way, if you pitch a product that is of no use to the customer, then you cannot guarantee successful sales or change the customer’s mind into using the product anyway. Do a local research as to what their interests are.

Reach Your Audience In The Correct Way

Once you understand your audience, it is important to reach them through proper targetting. Try to look for keywords that your audience will surely be searching for. Build campaigns around their interests. Make sure that retention is guaranteed by all means.

Use Local Directories

More than online contacts, the best way to reach people in your community in a quick span of time is by using local directories. There are 100s of contacts in it and can help you reach a wider audience than online contacts could ever help. Sometimes, old school is the key.

Use Local Media

Media can be extremely influential, especially if you come from a small town. Word spreads like wildfire there, and local media can help you garner a wider audience than online marketing could in the initial stages.

The Power of Social Media

Once the local engagement is established, make your presence felt online on different platforms. LinkedIn will be a great professional network to connect with like-minded individuals; Facebook can help you, garner followers, through mutuals and Instagram can be your audiovisual presence to guide your brand through exciting campaigns.

Exciting Promotions

Use social media to create interesting promotions and contests once in a while so that they can engage with your brand. With one engagement, three others come in and the popularity of your services can spread just like that.

Engage with other Local Businesses

After creating a firm presence online and offline, try and connect with local businesses in and around your city. The more contacts you establish, the easier it will be for you to get leads on how to improvise or get a helping hand to execute your ideas as well.

Good luck with your startup and may it shine in no time!


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