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7 Video Advertising And Marketing Campaigns You’ll Love Watching

| Published on February 28, 2023

Check out the most appealing and successful video marketing campaign that keeps viewers interested and entertained all the way through.

Video marketing is a real challenge. It requires a significant amount of work, especially as compared to other advertising efforts. Each frame that is filmed is produced with considerable care and effort. But, all of this work may produce enormous fruit.

Video is a fantastic narrative tool since it can draw viewers in right away. As a result, more and more individuals are choosing to watch videos over other types of information. The word “viral videos” entering everyday conversation is one of the strongest indicators that video has developed into a medium for marketing as well as entertainment.

Let’s look at the Top 7 of the most popular viral video campaigns in recent memory. We’ll explore behind the scenes to see how these efforts defied expectations and analyze the formula for a fruitful video marketing campaign.

7 of the Bestest Video Marketing Campaigns

Nike — “Find Your Greatness”.

This idea is straightforward yet tremendously powerful. Nike shifted its focus from its tradition of high-flying heroes to the average citizen for the campaign. The advertisement featured everyday people trying their best rather than superhuman athletic feats.

This advertisement, was not only about how fantastic the product or service is but  it encouraged people to perform at their highest level. This understated advertising is incredibly powerful, especially when combined with images that are instantly recognisable.

Google — “Friends Furever”.

The most-shared video commercial of 2015 was a Google Android campaign. More than 6.4 million people saw the video within that time, not including the many more who watched it without sharing. The material of the video was scarcely unique, which is interesting. Also, it didn’t actually violate any presentational norms.

However the concept gained popularity right away. The combination of images showing unexpected creatures came together to make a cute whole. Google utilised the straightforward videos to emphasise the importance of socialising and exchanging experiences. Also, the minimalism helped to sharpen the subject’s emphasis.

The idea that campaigns do not necessarily have to be mind-blowing, reality-shattering occurrences should be the main lesson learned from this film.

Reebok — “25,915 Days”

The ad title for the sports brand emphasises the seriousness of its message. Studies show that the typical person has roughly 25,915 days left to live. Despite the campaign’s lack of words, its message is extremely well understood.

The campaign’s bottom call-to-action, which instructs viewers to “Calculate your days,” is one of its distinctive features. This is another another effective, albeit little gruesome, approach to make your argument.

This draws attention to the campaign’s key strength: a compelling and expertly delivered message. Reebok is excellent at making their point clear. Reebok, in contrast to Nike, adheres to its standard “tough fitness” ethos.

Dove — “Beauty Sketches”.

In this highly praised advertising campaign, Dove encouraged women to sketch their own descriptions as an FBI-trained artist listened to them. The same thing happened again, except this time descriptions came from friends and family. It showed out that the sketches created with external information gave a more attractive representation of the woman.

This tapped into the widespread mentality of undervaluing one’s own qualities, particularly in the physical realm. One of the secrets to a popular youtube marketing campaign is how Dove presented its brand as a way of eliminating this unfavourable feature. It relied on the common feelings of the several women who watched the video, specifically their pursuit of confidence and attractiveness. Dove was able to transform it into an internet-wide viral advertising campaign.

Google — “Homeward Bound”.

Google demonstrates that Friends Furever advertisement wasn’t a one-hit success. The software behemoth adopted the tale of Saroo Brierley’s search for home to promote the Googlemaps service this time.

The advertisement was more about a tale of love, tragedy, and ultimate triumph than it was about the Googlemaps service. The viewer’s perception of Google Earth’s worth was enhanced by the tale, nevertheless. Google Earth taken on a transformative power for them. That turned out to be the decisive factor in the protagonist’s eventual victory.

This brand’s use of emotion to appeal to consumers is excellent. An emotive portrayal of your service may lift your film to new heights, but it’s not simple to pull it.

Red Bull — “Gives You Wings”.

Red Bull, which is well-known for its exhilarating, high-flying imagery, seeks to motivate audiences with its videos. The major takeaway was to push oneself to the limit and overcome obstacles. Contrary to Prudential, Red Bull’s path to virality is based on a very well-known urge to achieve greater heights.

This emphasises the concept that if your brand’s message or personality connects to common positive emotions like love, enthusiasm, or happiness, they may act as strong hooks.

Buzzfeed/Purina — “Puppyhood”

Although it’s true that this film is about a guy who adopts and nurtures a dog, its primary goal is entertainment rather than motivation. And funny it’s indeed: BuzzFeed did an excellent job of creating a script that transforms all the clichéd puppy tales you’ve heard—such as the one about the puppy gnawing on the furniture or the one about the puppy waking you up all night—into a sweet tale about a guy and his dog bonding.

The Puppy Chow brand of Purina is behind the film, which is evident to today’s educated consumer, yet the branding is so subtly done that it is not at all objectionable.

Now it’s your turn.

Video may significantly boost clickthrough rates and content engagement, but we all know that creating videos can be scary. The “no time, too hard” concept of producing video content paralyses many marketers.

It’s time to change your video marketing plan, though, if you believe that you require expensive video equipment and production software in order to render videos effective or if you consider videos to be a luxury that you just cannot afford. Without using all of those bells and whistles, you may still produce excellent social media videos. Do you know about Facebook Live? It was designed to allow you to make films with just your smartphone!

Take a cue from these marketing videos and come up with your original unique visual material.

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