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7 Uses Of Coca-Cola That You Definitely Didn’t Consider Before

| Published on September 18, 2020

Coca Cola has been one of the leading beverage companies in the world. The taste of this liquid can kickstart your day and also compliment a variety of snacks on the daily. Don’t have too much of it regularly as the fizz associated with this drink might not be too good for your health! Leaving these concerns behind, Coca Cola can be utilised for a variety of purposes, besides quenching your thirst. We bet you haven’t heard of these fun uses of the beverage before,

Remove Garden Pests and Insects

Did you know that small creepy crawly in your garden can stay away if you spray some coke on your plants? Since the beverage is highly acidic in nature, they can be corrosive to animals and thus drive them away. A fun DIY pesticide, if you will!

Used for Cleaning Pots and Pans

10 Things You Can Clean With Coca Cola (Instead Of Drinking It) |  HerFamily.ie

Dirty dishes are a pain to wash with normal dish soap. Why not use something effective to do the job? Use coca cola as an alternative and see how easily the dirtiest spots and stains go away instantly!

Remove Rust from Cars

Coca Cola is the best solution to make old things new. If your car is rusty or has corroded parts in the engine, you can use coca-cola to revive them. The same hack works in cleaning old coins and screws around the house.

Remove Fabric Stains

Sometimes your usual washing soap and fabric liquid might not remove tough oil and food stains from your clothes. Instead of a detergent liquid, use a dash of coca-cola to remove those tough stains. It will vanish like magic!

Cure Jellyfish Stings

Have you ever wondered around the beach or the sea and been stung by a jellyfish? They thrive on human blood and can cause painful burns. Usually, people advise you to pour some pee on it to remove the pain immediately. Rather than getting too personal, use Coca Cola for a change and see how the pain goes away instantly.

Can Be Used for Cooking

How to Cook Coca Cola Wings. Recipe - Snapguide

If you love meat and want to get that steak tender to the right amount, use Coca Cola instead of cooking oil. It provides a great zest to the flavour and helps you reduce the cooking time abundantly.

Tile and Floor Cleaner

You can clean your bathroom, tiles and floors with Coca Cola rather than using harsh chemicals brought from the store. This is a readily available and affordable alternative that helps your make your house squeaky clean in no time!

Tried any of these life hacks yet?

Source: Lifehack

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