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7 Trade Secrets That Make Sindhis Great Businessmen

| Published on May 26, 2019

Are you eager to get into the field of business but haywire with from where to start? If yes, then you will agree to the fact that learning from the best is the best learning.

Every field has someone known as the best or some of the bests. Same lies in the field of business. Though the business community is often overshadowed by competitors like the Baniyas and the Gujaratis, but, the Sindhis particularly stand out for their chutzpah.

Who are the Sindhis?

The region of Sindh has experienced numerous invasions in the past, but the Sindhis sustained all of them. Sadly, the Partition of 1947 was a major strike upon the community. They had become stateless and had to migrate from their own ancient homeland.

But their strong belief of “never-say-die” helped them adjust to whichever place they migrated to. They had to build themselves from scratch to get back their prosperity but only by being true to their business heritage, writes industrialist Ashok Hinduja, Chairman of the Hinduja Group of Companies.

Learning from the best!

If you want to get into the business community, Sindhis are the best sector to learn from. Their strategies of doing business can help you reach the zenith.

Here we reveal the seven business secrets of the Sindhis for you to get inspired on your business journey:

1. Money-Minded is Good:

After the Partition of 1947, Sindhis who were living in Mumbai (then Bombay) would do almost anything to make even a small amount of money.

For instance: if shops around them sold sugar for ₹1 per kg in bags of 50 kg, Sindhi businessmen would buy the same and sell them at 99 paise per kg making the price 1 paise cheaper and this helped them sold hundreds of bags making a loss of 50 paise per 50 kg bag.

Confused? Why did they work so hard, to lose money? Carefully understanding, they actually made a net profit of 50 paise on every 50 kg bag of sugar, every time they sold an empty bag. They believe in sacrificing profit for large turnovers.

2. Never-Say-die

They have a constant moving forward habit despite all hardships and geographical factors, and this helps them grow and reach the zenith of success.

3. Don’t Rent, Buy.

Sindhis buy their properties and never rent them. This practice has made many a family in the community not only rich today but also grow their business further.

4. Confidence & Hardwork

Education hardly matters in the field of business for them, the average Sindhi conversions from small business operations to mega developmental projects with ease because of their confidence and hardworking nature.

5. Pride of the Community

Their immense pride in being one with the communities have helped them succeed in business anywhere in the world. They give back in kind to the countries that have helped them reach where they are and earn millions, thus further growing their business aspects.

6. Where’s the Next Big Thing?

Sindhi’s intelligence can even get them out of situations that might make them bankrupt. This is the kind of smartness that is inherited by the Sindhis. Interesting, isn’t it?

7. Be Your Own Boss

Sindhis make their own rules and bend only if lies in their advantage. They fit in but they hold their own. Sindhis are known because they don’t just say but stand by it – the word is their bond. Commendable!

Interestingly, these seven secrets help the Sindhis to sniff out opportunities from any field. They are an inspiration and a learning for many new incoming business minded people.

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