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7 Top Most Rising Tech Jobs On Indeed

| Published on February 4, 2021

The year 2020 witnessed numerous layoffs and salary cuts due to the pandemic. Even after the lockdown being lifted, many companies were unable to revive back their staff and continued functioning with limited staff.

However, new Indeed data shows that tech job interest has risen this year by around 35%. As per the data, these are the 7 topmost rising tech jobs determined by the increase of job postings by the year-end 2020.

1. Entry level PHP Developer

As per Indeed, Entry level PHP developer roles saw the highest jump with an astonishing 834% increase in the share of job postings for the role on the platform since January 2020. As a PHP developer, you can expect to work as part of a team to build code for web-applications.

You may also troubleshoot, test, and maintain the core product’s software and databases. Years of experience for entry-level roles can range from one to five years, and you can expect to be required to demonstrate experience scripting in PHP beyond education in an interview.

2. Junior helpdesk

Junior helpdesk roles were the second most in-demand by employers this year with a ~501% change in the share of postings on Indeed since January 2020. As a helpdesk technician, you’ll work as part of an IT department and act as the first line of defense when tech isn’t working properly.

3. Entry level PC technician

The next job to be most in demand was the Entry-level PC technician. As a PC technician, you’ll offer desktop support to clients, helping to troubleshoot hardware and software issues on both PCs and laptop computers. Growing ~434% in employer demand since January, entry-level roles may require one to two years of experience working with Windows operating systems and a strong working knowledge of Microsoft products.

4. Junior Enterprise Architect

As per Indeed, junior architect job postings have seen an increase of 278% over last year. Enterprise architects are responsible for making sure a company’s information technology structure is in alignment to support the business to achieve its goals. Even at a junior level, you may be required to have a strong educational background and experience working in IT or a similar field for several years.

5. Junior technical consultant

The junior technical consultant jobs have seen a ~256% increase in employer demands since January said Indeed, with many accepting internships and school projects as demonstrated experience in the field.

6. Senior CAD operator

Employer demand for senior CAD operators grew by ~234% this year. As a senior CAD operator, you should have multiple years of experience using computer-aided design systems to draft, edit and finalize design plans in industries like construction, building, and manufacturing.

7. Junior technical support

Junior technical support job grew in demand by employers 223% since January. Junior technical support specialists troubleshoot customers’ technical problems.

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