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7 Times When People Were Fired For Weirdest Reasons Ever

| Published on November 29, 2021

It is not easy to find a stable well-paying job today. The work-life culture has become very hectic and the pay structure is not so attractive either. However, people try their best to keep their jobs despite all the downsides in order to survive.

Even then, the managers find their ways to fire you from the job. While at times employees get fired for valid reasons, other times, the reasons are as stupid and weird as they can get.

Here are 7 times when people were fired for the weirdest reasons ever.

Fired For Wearing Orange Clothes

Employees of an American Law firm had a unique tradition of wearing orange on payday as a sign of celebration. But things turned unfortunate when the firm hired a new management team who then fired 14 of its employees as they took the orange dress code as an offense.

Fired For being too Pretty

A woman in the US who worked as a dental assistant was fired from her job for being too pretty. His wife was not happy with the way she looked and urged her husband to fire her. What is shocking is that the woman tried suing her boss but the court ruled in her employer’s favor saying she was actually too beautiful for the job.

Woman Fired For Writing Emails in All-Caps

An employee of a health care firm was fired for one of the quirkiest reasons. After working for 2 years with the firm, she was fired as her ‘All Caps’ emails were making her colleagues uncomfortable.

Fired for being too fat

A model with 54kgs of weight was fired from her modeling agency for being too fat. Filippa Hamilton had done a photo campaign for Ralph Lauren but was later shocked to see her highly edited pictures that showed her too skinny. The brand, later on, fired her stating that she did not fit their criteria.

Fired For Accidently coming on an off

An employee was fired for showing up on a shift they were not assigned for. After realizing that it was not their shift, the left for which the management fired him.

Fired For Saving Someone’s Life

A lifeguard was fired for practically doing his job. He saved a man who was drowning. But was fired by his manager for leaving his assigned post and saving someone who was drowning in an area of the beach which was not under his duty. The manager said that he put people’s lives at risk by leaving his post.

Fired For Repeating A Joke

A Seinfield fan was fired for repeating a joke from the show repetitively. The employees and the management found this very irritating and stated that it was grounds for him to be fired. This, for once, all of us would agree with.

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