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7 Retail Business Ideas To Earn High Profits In Small Towns

| Published on June 14, 2019

A retailer is the one which connects the producer to the ultimate consumer. The retail industry is the fastest growing sector in the Indian economy and the main advantage is that it offers plenty of entrepreneurial and job opportunities across people of all ages. The retail industry is extremely exciting to work especially because of its huge diversification.

The best part of the retail industry is that it can be set up at any location. It can be a metropolitan city or a village, the retail industry is spread all over the world. In fact, the retailers are so much into the world, that it’s almost impossible for the consumers to survive without them.

There is a list of retail business ideas that are directly related to the ultimate consumer’s demands:

1. The desire to look Good – Cosmetics

Women naturally tend to have an urge of looking beautiful and attractive to others. Nowadays, men also have the same tendency. So, this force of desire creates and drives the demand for cosmetics and personal care products consumption. Being a cosmetic retailer is not only profitable in cities and towns but is also profitable in rural areas.

2. The craving for fresh-baked – Bakery

Due to the hectic lifestyle and the rapid change in eating habits, there has been an increasing demand for fresh bakery- bread, cookies, pastries, pies, etc. The bakery has taken charge of all the important as well as not-so-important events of everyone’s life. Another hot opportunity in the retail chain- Bakery Retailer.

3. To celebrate Wedding – Clothes

When one thinks about the wedding, the first thing that comes to mind is “clothes”. In India, a wedding is celebrated as the biggest event of a person’s life, where the clothes determine all the happiness and enthusiasm. Mind being a retailer in wedding clothes, which is one of the never settling businesses in India, as we Indian’s love to celebrate our weddings.

4. To neutralize thirst – Fresh Juice

In this era of increasing health awareness, people prefer drinking fresh juices rather than consuming packed ones. Due to the increasing temperature day by day, the demand for fresh juices has increased, making a fresh juice business an attractive investment opportunity.

5. The love for Caffeine – Coffee

Coffee is one such thing that has become many people’s necessity in life. There are many people who never leave towards work, before having a cup of coffee. Some are even addicted to it, making the investment in running a coffee shop more viable. Although there is competition, but if you have the ambition in you and can provide a comfortable sitting facility, kudos to you on a successful coffee shop.

6. To basic necessities – Vegetables

What is one’s basic necessity? Of-course food. Not heading towards starting a vegetable standstill shop. Try the mobile model of selling vegetables, as you can simply widen your reach with consumers.

7. The desire to look smart – Fashion

The fashion industry has penetrated its way into Indian society by piercing through the veins of the people, who are going gaga about wearing fashionable clothes. Due to the guaranteed demand for fashion and clothing in every community, becoming a fashion retailer is another hot option to earn profits as a retailer.

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