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7 Popular Companies With Best Minimalist Rebranding

| Published on March 14, 2020

‘Back to basics.’

This is one of the most popular phrases used by people all across the globe when they find out that their lives have become too complicated and they are missing important things.

Something similar companies do. When they try to achieve more, they do all sorts of fancy things, but shortly come back to basics.

Recently, BMW has changed its logo after 23 years and got back to the minimalist design. We have to wait how people will respond to the new logo design, but first reactions are mixed. But there are some brands that changed their logos to the minimalist design and it worked.

Here are the seven brands that change their logo design to effective minimalist design:

1. Google

2. Mastercard

3. Volkswagen

4. GoDaddy

5. Airbnb

6. McDonald

7. Facebook

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