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7 Online Business Ideas That Can Help You Earn Well

| Published on June 2, 2020

Online business has become a huge thing in India in the past few years. There are many brands whose entire business model is dependent on e-selling or online services and has been pretty successful too. It can be said that the success of these businesses is all because of the increase in the use of the internet and all the platforms that are available there.

Today we bring you a few business ideas that you can take up if you are just a beginner.

1. Selling Merchandise Online

Online shopping is catching on among women in India

Online sellers are the most commonly seen businesses that can be taken up if you are new to the platform. It is also the easiest way to make money. You need to decide on what product you want to sell. It could be anything from handmade products like Kurtis, paintings, art & craft, or could also be acquired via local artisans. You can set up an e-commerce store on either Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp and get connected with people across the platforms.

2. Mobile App Development

Improve your mobile app and full-stack coding skills | Code Matters

Mobile app development can be an extremely profitable way to make some money if you know what you’re doing. If you’ve got a great idea and decided to consult with a developer, you may have been surprised to hear how costly it is to outsource development. Once your app is ready you can put it up online or on google play store. Even if you sell it as a free app you can always earn through in-app advertisements.

3. Blogging

Hotel Blogging: Simple Strategies for Marketing Success

Blogging is the set of many skills that one needs to run and control a blog. Equipping web page with tools to make the process of writing, posting, linking, and sharing content easier on the internet. Blogging can help you to earn money via advertisements or by Google Adsense.

4. Social Media Consultant

Opportunity to attend internship in Social Media Marketing ...

Becoming a successful social media consultant requires mastering some skills and learning the right habits. Social media consultants have the advantage of designing their own career trajectory.

Egg Marketing PR defines social media consultants as professionals who “serve as the face and voice of the business in social networks. They run social media campaigns, improve engagement and loyalty with social media posts, and ultimately try to drive sales from social platforms.”

5. Content Writer

Content Writer' is the most searched job in India, says study ...

Content writers are professional writers who produce engaging content for use online. They’re Internet-savvy individuals who create articles, blog posts, and other forms of written Web material. If you think you have the skills then you can become a freelancing content writer and get paid well for it too.

6. Online Classes

Online schooling: Possibilities and concerns | The Indian Express

For someone who has a good command of certain skills whether it is academics or linguistic or even music and dancing, you can earn really well online. You can start your own online page wherein you can offer your services. There are many education and skills-teaching companies that have been doing really well with a similar business model.

7. Selling Domains

Domain flipping is a viable business model that could help you earn $1,000s in profit from just one domain. This guide covers the basics of buying and selling.

Basically, you buy your desired domain names at the cheapest prices possible and then put them up for sale again setting pricing for your domain names. You can buy brand new domains from a reputable domain registrar. Domains are low cost. You can buy a brand new domain for $10-$15 for one year from a domain registrar. Flipping hand-registered domain names for a huge profit is quite possible, but keep in mind that you cannot make a profit of more than $300 by doing so.

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