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7 Marketing Tricks You Are Likely To Fall For Everytime!

| Published on August 20, 2020

Marketing techniques rule every brand these days. Who doesn’t like a brand that markets its product in a unique and fun way? A number of companies hire agencies to do marketing. This can include attractive discounts, giveaways and more. However, there is a major drawback attached to these, as these techniques usually tempt the consumer. Have you ever fallen for one of these? Check out our list below to know more,

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The Clock is Ticking! Buy Now!

There is no clock, and there is, of course, no urgency! Offers come and go, it depends on how much you really need the product. This is what a brand wants to take out from you. By creating a sense of urgency, they have already instated the thought of buying their products. As you see offers come up and more reminders pop in about a particular sale, you have a choice to give in to the temptation or back out. Choose wisely!

Limited Stocks Only!

The company definitely has enough stock. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be able to run their brand! A number of customers fall for this age-old gimmick, and ideally, the brands end up earning more than they thought they could. This gimmick also creates a sense of urgency and makes you believe that someone else might have what you can get in a limited period of time.

Countdown Timers

Some brands have a timer attached to their stories or e-commerce portals that announce how much time is left for a particular sale or giveaway to end. It creates a sense of urgency as well and makes a customer feel that it is a do or die situation. How often have you been forced to buy on an impulse because of a timer?

Extended Sale Because Of Huge Response

Spring Clearance Sale Extended! - Northwest Pianos

There was no huge response, trust us. Brands try to create a hype by extending a sale by one or two days so that they can sell out stocks faster. It also usually means that a brand has not been able to utilise the sale as much as it thought it would!

Personalised Emails

If you ever get an email addressed to you by a brand, you need to understand that the brand most likely DID NOT type it manually. There are various applications and software that can do this. This is carried out to bring out a sense of personalisation between the brand and a customer.

Live Webinars

Do you know that most live webinars hosted by brands are pre-recorded? They want to make everything appear in-sync and smooth, and hence cannot risk hosting a live webinar as ‘suggested’. Most likely, they will not answer your questions at the moment and instead ask you to drop in the same at the end of the webinar.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free!

This is the most common technique in the book which makes you pay a higher price if you want 2 products. Say, you have your eyes on one product and another one comes along. Now thanks to this offer, you need to pay for the higher priced item. The lower one will be given for free. But who says you’ll want 2 items all the time? Don’t fall for this trick!

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