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7 Jobs You Can Easily Do Using Your Smartphone Only

| Published on October 16, 2019

1. Language Tutor

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There are so many language learning apps in the market nowadays. With these apps comes the job opportunity for language tutors. And the only skill you need is a solid command of your own native language. A native English speaker with a smartphone can use a program like NiceTalk to make about $10 an hour. Not a big gig but something you can do easily from the comfort of your home.

2. Rideshare Driver

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With a working phone and a car at your disposal, you can easily make a living wage driving for Uber or Ola.

3. Social Media Influencer

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Becoming a social media influencer is the new craze. Every other person has opened up a social media account and with their videos of posts, they have gained such an audience that the brands can reach and market their product or services with the help of these influencers.

All you need is a smartphone with good internet service and you can easily make a good living out of it.

4. Market Researcher

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Conducting market research calls for all sorts of different industries can fetch you at least a minimum wage to sort things out. From conducting surveys on everything from products to politics you can make a bit of cash, hundreds of abrupt hang-ups notwithstanding.

5. Task Taker


With apps like TaskRabbit or Gigwalk, you can use your smartphone to find mini-jobs in your area that pay as little as five bucks all the way up to $100 and beyond, and that can almost always be completed in just a few hours at most. From picking up groceries to building Ikea furniture to moving couches, enough little gigs strung together can approximate a full-time job.

6. App Tester


App testing is actually a real job. You can easily approach an app developer and apply to be an app tester with them and helping them streamline the software in return for considerable cash. You can use a platform like AppNana to become a smartphone app tester and earn gift cards, free software, and more.

7. Tech Support

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If you have expertise with various types of software or hardware, you can get a job as a technical support expert with just a phone (though a computer might help). Glassdoor estimates the average base pay for remote tech support workers at about $35,800, a living wage if you live in many smaller US cities or towns or in a rural location.

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