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7 Industries That Produce Wealthiest People In The World

| Published on May 28, 2020

While most of us already have designated jobs and might have decided our careers, some are still second-guessing their options. No matter what job you do, it should be profitable for you and your future and should also be something that you love. Wondering which industries are the most profitable? Check out our top picks and see if you’re already into them or need a change of professions!


The food and beverages industry is a necessity in almost every sphere. You can have a restaurant, or just sell some tea and snacks and your daily earnings will be a lot more than most industries combined. Food and beverages are consumed at large and as more and more people rely on deliveries and dining experiences than home-cooked meals these days, the industry is booming with new experiences to make it all the more worthwhile for every individual.

Making the Transition from Restaurants to Hotel F&B - JDI Search

Banking and Finance

If you’re a banker then you are already, most definitely sorted. This government-financed sector (most probably) ensures that you never have a hole in your pocket. Money doubles if you invest it well and this sector shows you how, and keep its security for you as well. At least 23% of people in this world have earned millions being in this sector.

Business/Consumer Services

If you have your own business then the dependency on someone else just gets diminished. It is the best way to earn money by achieving revenue by selling the goods or services to your customers. Most successful people in the world have their own businesses.

Real Estate

Real estate is quite a lucrative catch for you. Around 5.4% of people in the world draw their wealth from real estate. Stephen Gross is the wealthiest real estate developer known in America with a net worth of $7.6 billion.


Technology is everywhere in today’s world and if you have an idea that can equip the latest trends of today and can interest an investor, you can earn millions just by one invention. Take a cue from tech billionaires like Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and even Larry Page.

6. Technology


Pharmaceuticals have a lot of profit in store for aspiring individuals. Even though the worldwide percentage of profit is just 4.9%, quite a few individuals have managed to draw success easily from this industry.


4.1% of the world’s billionaires range from the manufacturing sector alone. Some of the well-known figures include Diane Hendricks who has $8.9 billion.

7. Manufacturing

Source: Business Insider

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