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7 Indian Startups Making Waves In ‘Web3’ Space

Graviton invests up to $50K, offers technical grants, mentorship, and fundraising support to its startup cohort.

| Published on July 3, 2023

The first batch of Indian businesses for 2023 has been unveiled by Graviton, a top web3 accelerator. With support from 10 influential blockchain venture capitalists, Graviton offers regulatory guidance, mentorship, and networking opportunities in the web3 space.

The first cohort comprises seven innovative startups: Spydra, Strive, Zoth, Wall, GETSecured, Fetcch, and an undisclosed stealth mode startup. Graviton received over 350 applications from Indian startups in the web3 infrastructure domain, and the selected teams went through a rigorous evaluation process before being accepted.

Support and Benefits

Graviton invests up to $50,000 in startups, provides mentorship, and connects them with global venture capitalists and institutional funding. The program also offers technical grants from established web3 brands. CEO Arpit Nik emphasizes support for early-stage founders and the potential for asset tokenization, monetization, and bridging decentralized and centralized finance.

Diverse Leadership and Expertise

Graviton’s leadership team, led by Program Director Jeffrey Broer and Portfolio Development and Collaborations Lead Vishal S, provides valuable guidance to startups. The cohort also benefits from renowned mentors in the web3 space, including Arjun Kalsy, Karan Ambwani, Parth Chaturvedi, and other senior experts dedicated to their success.

Grants and Backing

Graviton has forged partnerships with global technology ecosystems, including Sei Network, Chainlink Foundation, dYdX, Eclipse, Spheron, and more, to offer a range of grants and credits to early-stage founders. The accelerator also enjoys support from 10 prominent blockchain venture capitalists, such as Hashkey Capital, NGC Ventures, G1 Ventures, and GravityX Capital, among others.

Meet the Startups

The first cohort features a diverse range of startups, each focused on revolutionizing different aspects of the web3 space:

1. Spydra

Co-founded by Manish Tewari and Ashwath Govindan, Spydra offers an enterprise-facing, low-code asset tokenization product that allows both online and offline assets to be tokenized on the blockchain.

2. Strive

Founded by Kartik Mehrotra and Sanhitha Napa, Strive is a utility protocol enabling the monetization, renting, trading, and sharing of NFTs, with a comprehensive SDK and utility marketplace.

3. Zoth

Founded by Koushik Bharghav and Pritam Dutta, Zoth is an alternative assets investment platform that facilitates the tokenization and on-chain trading of high market-cap assets like gold.

4. Wall

Anuj Kumar Kodam and Amarnath Jayanthi co-founded Wall, a web3 community growth platform that creates interactive and incentivized quests for new users, aiding user-acquisition in the web3 space.

5. GETSecured

Tamaghna Basu’s GETSecured is a comprehensive security, risk assessment, and due diligence platform for both retail and institutional investors, providing actionable investment intelligence.

6. Fetcch

Founded by Mandar Dange and Satyam Kulkarni, Fetcch is a decentralized payments connectivity network that allows users, wallets, and dApps to issue cross-chain wallet IDs, simplifying user identity in the web3 space.

7. Stealth Mode Startup

Graviton has also included a seventh team in its cohort that is currently operating in stealth mode. More details about this startup and its founders will be revealed before Graviton’s Demo Day.


Graviton’s inaugural cohort of Indian web3 startups marks a major step forward in empowering India’s web3 ecosystem. Supported by industry experts, grants, and blockchain venture capitalists, these startups have a bright future. Their journey continues with Demo Day, where they will pitch to web3-focused venture capital firms, amplifying their growth and influence in the space.

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