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7 Indian Comedy Influencers That Are Sure To Tickle Your Funny Bone

| Published on May 11, 2023

Laughter is the best medicine. This adage has never been so true.

While India has been doling out comedy content since one can remember, the recent rise in comic content served on various OTT and social media platforms proves to be the best representation of the comic talent that India possesses.

Comedians are the most sought-after and followed accounts on social media. After all, everyone at some point in the day is always looking out for a good laugh that can brighten a dull day, with a crackle up!

Here are some of the most followed comedy influencers, that are doing a smashing job, tickling our funny bones.

1. Niharika NM

Her sass, jollity, exuberance, and distinct dialogue delivery style have made every viewer sit and take notice. She has been one of Instagram’s fastest-growing digital content creators reaching 1 million followers in exactly two months after starting with 10,000 followers.

The theatre-lovers collaborations with actors like Mahesh Babu and Yash are to watch out for. She is followed by 3.2M followers on Instagram.

2. RJ Karishma

With a whopping 5.8 M followers on Instagram, Karishma Singh aka RJ Karishma is one of India’s favorite YouTubers and comedy influencers.

She is adept at impersonating characters inspired by real-life circumstances (read saas-bahu drama, sibling fights, and middle-class family issues) and her content is relatable, funny, and endearing.

3. Bhuvan Bam

He is often credited as being the country’s first YouTube sensation. Within just four years, he amassed a subscriber base of around 12 million. His channel BB ki Vines started in 2015 and in recent years, he diversified his content, making himself known as an actor, singer, and interviewer too.

With 16.8 million followers on Instagram, Bhuvan Bam’s content is not just appealing and relatable, but sort of a benchmark for content creators.

4. Ashish Chanchlani

He opted for a career as a YouTuber when most wouldn’t relate to it as a career option.

This choice of his didn’t let him down, with Ashish amassing 28 million subscribers on YouTube and 14.4 mn followers on Instagram.

From his collabs to his enactments of everyday life scenes, to his impersonations or character sketches, his content is downright hilarious.

5. Jamie Lever

Daughter of comedy legend Johnny Lever, Jamie Lever is a television and film actor, stand-up comedian, and influencer.

Her impersonations of famous individuals like Sonam Kapoor, Farah Khan, and Asha Bhosale will leave you in splits! Her dance videos, especially those with Johnny Lever and her brother Jessie Lever are endearing and fun to watch.

She is followed by 1.2 million followers on Instagram

6. Kusha Kapila

The multi-talented Kusha Kapila is social media’s, favorite lady. She rose to fame with her comic exaggerations of relatable characters.

An advocate for body positivity, this actor, comedian, YouTuber, and fashion editor is followed by 3.2 million people on Instagram.

7. Prajakta Kohli

Known for her YouTube channel MostlySane, YouTuber, blogger, and actor Prajakta Kohli is followed by 7.7 million followers on Instagram.

Her observational comedy based on daily life situations made her a hit with the masses. She regularly keeps her fans engaged with snippets form her life and travel stories too.


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