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7 High Earning Jobs Best-Suited For Introverts

| Published on August 9, 2020

Does it ever occur to you how different personalities are required for different kinds of job? A shy person cannot be a politician, and a loud person cannot work as a teacher. Usually, introverts take time to open up to people around them, in usual scenarios and especially at work. They prefer a calmer space where they can achieve their goals in time. So what kind of jobs suit them?

The following the are the 7 best jobs any introvert can pursue and excel in it, by maintaining his/her peace and quiet.

Graphic Designing

Graphic Designer vs. Graphic Artist - CATMEDIA Internal Communication

How many times have you heard a graphic designer chilling? They have the coolest profession where their job is to create different pieces of art. Every day is a new challenge, a fun adventure and it does not require too much drama. A graphic designer can just sit at home on a pleasant afternoon and while away till the evening creating something beautiful.


Bloggers and creative writers can start their own blog wherein they can write about any subject under the same. A specific niche can be picked up and pursued and as your blog gets more and more engaging, you can get paid for the views you get on a daily basis. It is a lucrative business with steady but assured growth.


Research work requires lots of hours of studying and browsing books, manuals, websites, articles and more. It requires a lot of concentration and can be done by just one person. Since this job hangs on the quieter side of things, introverts will enjoy using their whole time doing something they love.


Any form of IT profession is a good choice for an introvert. There are administrators, software engineers, web developers and analysts. Since the industry is growing by the day, new opportunities always come around and with a little bit of research, you can land on something you enjoy being isolated.


The Troubling Student-to-Counselor Ratio That Doesn't Add Up ...

A counsellor is a licensed professional meant to guide individuals in the correct path, whether it is a career counsellor or a life coach of sorts. There are different kinds of interactions done on a personal level every day which brings about joy and positive limitations to the introverts out there.

Social Media Marketing

You can have a social media marketing agency and have a number of clients under you. The best part about this growing industry is that most of the time meetings can be done by working from home itself. There is no need for daily interactions with people, which is absolutely suitable for introverts.

Self-employed: Business

If you own a business, that is the best thing for you. You do not have to depend on anyone or force yourself to talk to people or hold meetings unless you have a goal to achieve. You can limit your interactions since you are the boss and not work on a day where you feel under the weather. You command your life!

Which of these career options would you choose?

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