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7 Gift Ideas That Will Make You A Hit At The Office

| Published on August 28, 2020

As the pandemic affected every part of a typical routine, working in an office has been taken off the table. People from the majority of industries have turned to Zoom meeting calls and working remotely from home.

Either you have transitioned into the virtual work style or have been recently hired into this new environment, businesses try to keep the atmosphere as normal as possible.

While companies attempt to maintain a sense of normalcy, there are plenty of factors to achieve this goal.

From discussing new projects on communication forums to trying to do the more relaxing and fun activities to celebrate the employees’ job well done, businesses are creating an atmosphere dearly missed before the pandemic struck.

Another popular work tradition in most offices is to give presents to co-workers and bosses. While we are stuck working in the comfort of our homes, we luckily have the luxury of shipping and delivery.

Here are seven great gift ideas that will make you a hit at your virtual office:

1. Water Bottle

Sitting by the desk all day, whether at home or in the office, should always be accompanied by a great water bottle.

Try the Kool8 water bottle. Sleek, cool, eco-friendly, and BPA-free, this water bottle is going to last forever due to its double-insulated walls.

While the Kool8 water bottle can keep drinks cool for an entire day, it also comes with a tea infuser to make a hot beverage for a change.

Whether your coworker wants a refresher or something soothing, this water bottle is the best of both worlds.

2. Blue Light Blocking Sunglasses

This gift is perfect for those that are behind the screen at work for the majority of the time.
As every aspect of the work environment has been transitioned online, especially now with the pandemic, these sunglasses will be used all the time.
The blue light blocking sunglasses protect the eyes from the blue light rays emitted from the computer screen.

The only thing left to do is to pick a color suitable for your co-worker of choice, and then you have a great gift in your hands.

3. Socks

A nice comfortable pair of socks with a cool and quirky design can go a long way as a gift for a coworker.
This present currently could be the best as you and your coworker want to feel as cozy as possible when working remotely and staying safe during COVID-19.

Whether for the holidays or the co-worker’s birthday, a pair of socks would be a great addition to their comfy outfit at home while taking a meeting on Zoom.

4. Potted Plant

If you have a co-worker who is nurturing, responsible, and in need of redecorating their desk, a potted plant could be a simple, small, and sweet gift.
Something living, such as a plant, is a nice gesture and could make your co-workers happy, not to mention liven up their workspace.

While working on a new assignment at home, a potted plant could add to the more peaceful environment everyone is craving during this pandemic.

5. Lumbar Pillow

Almost every possible job requires you to sit behind the desk for hours on end, which usually always leads to back pain and general discomfort.

Make sure your favorite coworker will have a comfier experience when working by gifting them a lumbar pillow or seat cushion.

The comfort they will finally experience when working will better their mood, which will then, in turn, give them a more satisfying experience at work, not to mention they will produce even better results.

6. Travel Cutlery Set

Usually, we could pack lunch with us when going to work because either we are great cooks or we are saving a bit more money compared to when going out for lunch.

Your coworker could benefit from great travel cutlery set for their next lunch. Rather than using plastic utensils, your coworker could reuse these and adopt a more environmentally friendly approach in the meantime.

This present is the kind that nobody would expect or realizes they need. But once you give this travel cutlery set, your coworker will always remember this useful and cool present is from you.

7. Mini Desk Vacuum

We can’t help but eat a snack or lunch at our desks from time to time.

Sometimes we don’t have the time to set aside for a nice relaxing lunch due to large amounts of work to do. Other times we just want to enjoy a quick snack to motivate us to keep going.

Introducing the mini desk vacuum that is perfect for cleaning off the littlest of crumbs all over your workspace.

This gift can run on AA batteries and is a bit larger than the average computer mouse. In addition, the mini desk vacuum makes barely any noise, especially when compared to a real vacuum cleaner.

All in all, this is a useful little gadget for any situation imaginable, including cleaning up after yourself so that your workspace can be completely crumb-free.

Any of these wonderful gift ideas could be a great addition to your coworkers’ desks or other types of workspaces.

These gifts could just be decorative, useful, or even both, but your coworker will appreciate it regardless.

The coronavirus has seriously affected the American economy, as seen with the high unemployment rate that keeps on increasing with every passing month.

Despite many people being laid off, various companies are attempting to get back to normal and started hiring new prospective employees.

Whether you were able to work through the pandemic or just nailed a new position, you are going to be able to do amazing work for your employer and build relationships with your boss and coworkers. From there, you could strengthen those working relationships into possible friendships with a simple, yet sincere, gift appropriate for the office environment (or the home as we continue to work remotely).

Remember, appreciation goes a long way in the workplace, and your team is everything!

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